Love Your Worms – Pressplay Pets

[ad_1] Ok I am not talking about the kind you are probably thinking of.  I am talking about compost worms.  Have you ever considered them as pets? Sure when you first think about getting a pet for you and your family the classic ones always come to mind; a cute pooch, pretty kitty cats and … Read more

Indolent Eye Ulcers – Pressplay Pets

[ad_1] Many months ago, Indy kept rubbing his face excessively, was squinting and the white of his right eye was very red. After a visit to our wonderful vet Dr Lucilla at Monier Vet Clinic, it is discovered Indy had developed a very tiny ulcer on his right eye. The plan was to treat the … Read more

Human Foods That Are Toxic To Your Cats And Dogs

[ad_1] Dogs are classified as omnivores, with a preference for meat. Their wild ancestors sometimes ingested plant matter (most of it found inside the prey they were eating), and they would forage and scavenge during difficult times, eating whatever they could (berries, fruit, vegetables) when necessary to survive. Cats are classified as obligate carnivores—animals which … Read more