How old is The Human-Dog Friendship? | Man’s Best Friend


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Human-Dog Friendship | Man’s Best Friend

The dog is an ancient
pet and which has a long history of connection with humans. Consequently,
understanding the history of dogs will not only support us to understand their
history, but it will also support us to understand our own history; Researchers

Both these mammals (dogs
and humans) have lived together since long. However, it is challenging to know
the history of correlation between humans and dogs.

A new study observes
the structure of the genomes of dogs originate 11,000 years ago and sheds light
on the history of this creature and the role of humans in development of ‘best
friend of man’

dogs and humans, dog years to human years, animals, man's best friend, domestic animals, the animals

Headed by Andreas
Bergstrom, a postdoctoral fellow at the Francis Kirk Institute and head of the
research team, studied the structure of genomes of 27 earliest dogs in Europe
and Asia. She discovered 5 main breeds of dogs worldwide which spread 11000
years ago. This study revealed that the genetic history happened during the
Paleolithic period.

Scientists had
previously estimated that dogs evolved from wolves in a single place 20,000 to
40 years ago, but the absence of genetic material made it difficult to determine
the time and place.

Scientists say the
genome of a complete dog and a complete wolf is many years older than was
available at the time of the study.

The powerful
connection between humans and dogs is recognized, but when and where it started
is still a mystery. Consequently, little is known about the population of dogs
in traditional history, and slightly known about how they relate to human beings.

But new research
that compares the newly formed genome with the genomes of modern-day dogs reveals
that the ancestors of all dogs were the same, distinct from the wolves of
modern times.

It was also found
that their original ancestors were separated from wolves and that dogs
contained a very limited amount of wolf genes, but that dogs transmitted more
genes to wolves.

The scientists also matched
the genomes of earliest dogs with genes of early humans, using data from same
period and probing the number of dogs in history, and their movement with
humans where their old history is not the same.

The scientists say
that research reveals the “importance of dogs” and their intricate
history with human beings.

They say the study
represents an earlier study of dogs as pets in history, including a 2016 study
that found “deep discrepancies” between dogs in West Eurasia and East
Asia. Moreover, a study done in 2018 on the first dog to come to North America
with humans specified that it was not a breed of North-American wolves but an early
breed of dogs from Siberia.

Prove To Be Human by
Showing Mercy to Animals

dogs and humans, dog years to human years, animals, man's best friend, domestic animals, the animals

God, the Lord of
Glory, has made man the noblest of creatures. Man has the characteristic that
when he has nothing to eat, he screams and runs away, but there are many living
beings around us who, when they are hungry, cannot scream like human beings. They
can only fill their stomachs by looting.

In competition to increase
the world’s population and construct concrete buildings, we have destroyed the
habitats of other living things.

In this Vlog, Jalila
Haider raises the issue that especially in winter we should take care of pets
as well as birds and other animals roaming the streets.

She says that by
dipping leftover bread in water on the roof or balcony in winter, the birds
will get food. It is a great virtue if cats are given a little bit of food.

Jalila says that as
human beings we should also take care of the rights of other living beings.


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