Pet Animals and Birds can hinder Children’s study


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Birds and small animals look very cute and
children love animals very much. Children even try unsuccessfully to control
large animals, which can be estimated in the days of Eid-ul-Adha. But that’s
not their job. Children also love birds, catch the flying birds if they can.

Yes, it is important to note that birds are the
beauty of the universe. They look good flying in the sky and chirping. It is a
sin to take away their freedom or to keep them in prison.

Like human beings, they also want freedom. Also
keep in mind that raising animals and birds is not an easy task. They need full
attention and have to take care of their health. This hobby is not only
expensive but also difficult. Where birds are kept, there is no cleanliness,
and where there is no cleanliness, germs grow, which are harmful to health. 

pet animals, pet birds, study, pet hobby, domesticated chickens, bird breeding

In rural areas, birds can easily breed
because there is almost no environmental pollution. Open fields and greenery
are seen everywhere. Animals graze there all day long and easily climb bridges.
But even there, they are taken care of. They are not allowed to go unnoticed.
It is difficult to raise them in cities and densely populated areas because
they need a large space to be reared.

Where there are pets, special care must be
taken for cleanliness. These are not human beings who will take care of
cleanliness themselves. That is why, they are cleaned by the caretakers.

In urban areas, people keep dogs to protect
their homes. There are also dogs that are very dangerous. Of course they get
used to the children of the house but still the children should not go near
them. They do not bite people in the house, but germs in their skin that do not
appear to be visible can be dangerous to human health. The fact is that pet
dogs do not allow strangers to enter the house. As soon as the stranger enters
the door, they start barking.

pet animals, pet birds, study, pet hobby, domesticated chickens, bird breeding

When it comes to domesticated
, they roost early in the morning before sunrise. The pet male chickens
in the derby announce that it is morning. They are taken out of the derby and
return to their home (derby) in the evening after wandering around all day and
smelling the place. 

Today is the era of
broilers while the hobby of raising native chickens is slowly dying out. In the
old days, almost every house had native chickens. In winter, the eggs of native
chickens were eaten for breakfast and when the time came, small, lovely chicks
would come out of these eggs.

When a guest came to the
house, one of the hens was slaughtered and cooked and the guest was served with
native hens. In rural areas this trend is still going on. There chickens are
still reared with great enthusiasm.

pet animals, pet birds, study, pet hobby, domesticated chickens, bird breeding

Mentioning birds,
they leave their nests early in the morning in search of food. From
their chirping it is easy to guess that a new dawn has begun. Then slowly the
sunlight spreads everywhere and people are busy preparing to leave home for
their livelihood, job or business. 

There is no doubt that
birds are the beauty of the universe. If they like to fly in the open air, then
it is not good to capture birds. When it comes to hobbies, one should desire
good hobbies. Everyone has a hobby while there is no shortage of people who
keep birds.

pet animals, pet birds, study, pet hobby, domesticated chickens, bird breeding

Young children love
as much as animals do. The children want to hold them in their arms
and try to take care of them in every possible way. It has often been observed
that raising small chickens, which look good and are so small that they can die
if held in the hand, is not an easy task.

They are as delicate as
they are sweet. Similarly, small children love to keep parrots, pigeons,
kittens and monkeys at home. Raising them is a difficult task. They, like
humans, drink milk with a feeder at a young age. Animal babies die if not
properly cared for. Such hobbies should not be adopted.

Children make legitimate
and illegitimate requests from their parents for the fulfillment of their
desires while parents fulfill every request, desire and stubbornness of their
children. But it is also important to make sure that there are no hobbies that
stand in the way of learning.

pet animals, pet birds, study, pet hobby, domesticated chickens, bird breeding

Education and entertainment should go hand in
hand and raising animals or birds does not fall into the category of
entertainment. Entertainment should be such as to promote mental and physical
development, while birds and animals are taken care of in every way, such as feeding
them on time, taking special care of hygiene, etc.

Students do not have
enough time to pay attention to them. After spending eight hours at school,
when they get home, they eat, and then they get ready to go to the academy.
After coming home from the academy, it is normal for every child to do their
homework and watch television, so how can they find time to take care of pets
and birds?

Birds and animals are
speechless, they cannot speak, and they cannot say that they are thirsty or
hungry, they only know how to make noise.

It takes passion, hard
work and dedication to get any job done. One should not adopt hobbies which are
an obstacle in the way of studies. At present small students are studying while
education is also obtained with passion, hard work and dedication. If the
attention is diverted, it will definitely be a problem to study.

It is true that small
animals and birds are harmless, but animals, big or small, can bite at any
time. That is why small animals have to be injected every month, they have to
be protected, they have to be taken care of in every possible way and raising
them is not just a matter of small children.


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