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Allah Almighty has created many birds for the
interest and enjoyment of human beings. More than one, it looks beautiful,
attractive and charming. Some of them prefer to live in forests and some with
humans or near their settlements.

If we talk about birds, many birds live near
human settlements. One of them is a parrot. There are about 393 species of
parrots and 92 breeds. Some of these breeds speak like humans. Of these, Macaw
Parrots, Conures, Parakeets, Cockatiel, Budgerigar are the most popular.

Parrots are brightly colored and of different
sizes. Some species of parrots are very small in size and some are large.
Generally, green parrots are more domesticated. They are neither too small nor
too big in the body. They have the ability to make human voices and speak like

Some breeds of parrots come in different
colors. Most of them are found in dark blue, yellow, green, white and two or
more colors. Most parrots have different colors, like a rainbow on their wings.
Some species of parrots are very wild and some like to live with humans.

Some are very good pets that can be kept as
pets in the house but some breeds of parrots do not like any pressure or
restriction and they like to be free. Some species of parrots depend on humans
as our babies depend on us. They like to be treated with love and imitate human

Because parrots are
omnivores, they eat almost both vegetables and meat. Most all types of parrots
like to eat fruits, vegetables, meat, plants and tree seeds. Some species of
parrots prefer to eat flowers and insects. Their beaks and jaws are so strong
that they can easily break any hard shell. Some parrots can also be seen eating
mud. Maybe it helps their digestive system.

When it comes to pet
parrots, there are many types that differ in their identity, color and breed.
Many factors influence whether or not a parrot is capable of keeping a single
person as a pet bird.

There are many things we
need to take care of to keep parrots in our homes as pets. For example, what is
their value? What accessories do you need to keep them? And finally, how much
space do they need?

In the world of birds,
parrots are found in most colors. Parrots are very intelligent and like to be
with humans. But they cannot be pets unless they are properly trained. If left unmanaged, they can be create hustle. There are some types of parrots that are quick to learn.

Parrots and their Species

If we divide parrots by groups, we can divide them into following groups.

Macaw Parrot

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Macaw parrots are native
birds of the tropics of the United States. Macaws are the smallest parrots as
large as pigeons and can grow up to 3 feet in length. Macaw parrots are bright
and beautiful colors, intelligent and charming. They are like little children
who are in dire need of training.


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A type of parrot found in
South and Central America. Conures Parrots are pacifists, flying together in
groups and liking friendly relationships. Conures Parrots are known for their
playfulness and their unique temperament. They have their own unique style.
They are very noisy and their voice is very loud.


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These are small parrots
that we often keep in cages. There are many types of parakeets depending on the
color and breed. They look blue, yellow, green, white and mostly a mixer of
these colors. They are found all over the world, but they are actually native
birds of South Asia.


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Lovebirds are generally
counted among the colorful parrots. They are called lovebirds because they are
always in pairs. They grow together. Their body is small and full. They are 5
to 6 inches long from head to tail. Lovebirds are very different. They mostly
like to live with their own breed of parrots. They look very attractive and


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Parrotlets are the smallest
parrots. Parrotlet parrots are great as pets. They are mostly green. They do
not exceed 6 inches in length.


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Found in Australia and
North Asia and its environs. They have a crown on their head. Their beak is
very strong and curved. Their tongue is small but thick.

This is the only group of
parrots that has a crown on its head which is not found in other parrots. If anyone
wants to keep a bird for the first time in his life, he should keep Cockatiels
parrots. Because they look beautiful and attractive. They will never bother him
and they can be easily trained.


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These green and yellow
little parrots are found in Australia. They can be tamed because they do not
bother. There is no point in training these parrots because they are seven or eight
years old and cannot talk like humans.


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