Raise Pet Animals at Home and Get Rid of Depression



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Modern research has shown that spending
time with and loving animals and birds reduces stress.

Man’s relationship with animals and birds
is as old as man’s relationship with man himself. In the old days, animals and
birds were raised for carrying out important purposes such as transportation,
riding, guarding, hunting, obtaining food, but in the present era, they are
reared for benefits as well as curiosity. The element of curiosity is
especially prevalent in urban areas. Raising animals as seen in the West is
also becoming a symbol of fashion in our society.

Well, there are many animals that adorn
the house, but here we mention some important animals and birds that can be
kept in the house. You can choose any of these animals keeping in mind your
home and the notes in your wallet.


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The horse is also
said to be man’s oldest animal friend. From time immemorial, horses have played
well with humans, from travel to remote areas and to battlefields. Especially
on the battlefield, the horse’s fidelity was so great that it tried to save its
owner from every blow of the sword.

Horses have a
special place in almost every nation and civilization. In Arabia, each horse
was named and its entire lineage was remembered. Even in the present era, for
the honor and respect of the heads of state and princes, they are brought in
ceremonies in chariots. But horse breeding is an expensive hobby. If you want
to decorate your home, it will require a lot of space and a large amount of
money for monthly expenses. That is why in urban areas it has become difficult
to keep them at home and now this beautiful animal is limited to being the
ornament of the farmhouses of ministers, advisers and landlords.


dog, pet animals, raise animals, best pets, best pet animals

By the way, the dog
was used for guarding, but in the western countries, this animal is treated as
much as any other animal. In our society, the dog was considered a defective
animal and people used to pick up stones while passing near the dog. But now,
like the western countries, the dog is becoming more popular in our areas and
the custom of keeping it at home is becoming common.

For politicians and
the elite, the dog is a great gift, and a few politicians have become the
adornment of media when they receive a dog as a gift. The most common breeds of
dogs we have at home are Labrador, German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Root
Wheeler, Russian and Pointer. You can choose any one of them.

Dogs are cheaper
than horses, the price of a dog ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 200,000 depending
on the breed. The cost per dog is around Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000, while on full
vaccination it costs up to Rs 10,000.

Domestic dogs are
fed boiled meat, dog food and milk. Dogs are intelligent animals so to train
them, play different games with the dog every day, take them to the ground, and
train them to play by throwing a ball or a stick. This will not only sharpen
their minds but also keep them physically fit. They can also be dangerous to
others if they are not properly cared for, and trained at home.


cat, pet animals, raise animals, best pets, best pet animals

Cats that are soft,
delicate and innocent looking are a great pet. The cat will love you as much as
you love it, it will be waiting for you whenever you come home. It will love
you very much and play with you. A big reason for which cats are liked is their
habit of keeping themselves clean. They clean their claws and various parts of
their body daily with their tongue.

Cats that look
oblivious to the shape are actually one of the best predators in the world.
Like lions and leopards, domestic cats chase prey, play with it but do not eat
it after killing it. If a rat or a mouse is seen in the house, the cat will
immediately jump on it.

We have Persian,
Siamese, Turkish and Russian cats in homes, but Persian cats are more popular
because of their long hair, big and prominent face. Siamese and Russian cats
cost between Rs 1,500 and Rs 4,000 and Persians cost between Rs 5,000 and Rs
12,000, while fancy cats cost more than Rs 20,000.

The monthly cost of
feeding a cat ranges from Rs 800 to Rs 1300. Domestic cats should not be given
too much meat and milk, especially Persian cats, as there is a risk of
allergies or hair loss. Meat should be small and boiled a few times a week,
instead of daily. The reason for giving boiled meat to dogs and cats is to keep
them from biting. Just like dogs, play different games with cats every day,
keep them close to you and love them on their face, neck and back. This way
your cat will stay active and strong.


parrots, pet animals, raise animals, best pets, best pet animals

Parrots are among
the birds that are found in other colors including green, yellow, white, and
blue. Breeds of parrots that talk like humans are often raised in homes. Parrot
rearing is more common, especially in Karachi (Pakistan). Small Australian
parrots are merely the ornament of cages in homes, but large parrots become so
familiar with their families because of their ability to speak.

Their prices also
vary by size and race. Small parrots can be bought for a few hundred rupees,
but rare breeds of macaws, cockatoos and gray parrots range in price from Rs
40,000 to Rs 150,000.

Parrots are
expensive, but their monthly food and care costs are much lower than other pets
and birds, which is why parrots like to eat fruits, vegetables, grains, and

Whether it is
domestic birds or any other animal, their nature is very sensitive. Take good
care of them like little children. Take care of their food and comfort, protect them from
noise and pollution, then their mood will be fine. It is better to keep small
children away from animals and birds because no matter how familiar the animal
becomes, it’s so an animal. Your slightest carelessness in this regard can be
detrimental to both the baby and the animal.

Modern research has
shown that spending time with and loving animals and birds reduces stress. That’s
why, people in Western countries prefer to keep a dog instead of keeping the
tension of loved ones and relatives. You too can spend time with animals at
home, feed it, and take care of it like a family member. While enjoying its
innocent mischief, you will forget your worries.


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