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Cats have been one of the most important
animals in human history since ancient times. The cat is a small, harmless,
carnivorous animal that is able to hunt about a thousand animals and birds for
its food. It has been trained to climb trees and high places. Cats typically
weigh between two and a half kilograms and eight kilograms, with an average
height of nine to ten inches and a length of eighteen inches, while tails can
be up to eleven inches long.

According to a 2007 research survey, all
species of domestic cats worldwide, except for the continents of Australia and
Antarctica, belong primarily to Felis Silvestris Lybica, a family of five wild
cats on the African continent. The following is information about the types and
characteristics of the important cats that migrated in 1000 BC.

Iranian Cat

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The body of an Iranian cat belonging to
the ancient family of cats is full of soft and smooth hair. This breed of cat
first reached France via Turkey and entered Italy from Iran through tourists in
1620 and became the favorite pet cat of all Europe. It should be noted that in
terms of long hair and shining eyes, it is considered to be the oldest breed of
cat, which is called Persian cat after the ancient name of Iran. Cats of the
Persian breed adorned with beauty and innocence have long been prominent in competitions.
In this regard, it should be remembered that Iranian cats had won the first and
third positions in the international cat show held in the United States last

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This breed of cat, named Angora in the
historic city of Ankara, Turkey, is considered one of the oldest cats. The
color of this cat is usually white milky but it is also found in other light
colors besides white. Turkish Angora is as soft and smooth as silk, the eyes
are usually two-colored (Odd Eye), the ears are pointed and long. One of the
distinguishing features of the cat of the Turkish Angora breed is that the pet
cat “Muezzin” of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah
be Upon Him) also belonged to this breed.


abyssinian, abyssinian cat, abyssinian kitten

With soft but short
hair and a long tail, this cat is widely bred in the United States. Its
hometown is called Alexandria, Egypt. The combination of light and dark color
of hair shows that the English word ‘M’ is written. Unlike other cats, its ears
are very large. Eager to get out of the house, however, after the owner has
changed his daily routine, it has been observed that the Abyssinian cat becomes

Siamese Cat

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This Southeast Asian
cat is well-liked for its sharpness and beauty. The breed is native to Siam,
now Thailand. The breed was introduced to Britain and Europe in 1884 by the
British Consul General in Bangkok. The Siamese cat was presented to the
President of the United States, Rutherford B. Hayes, by the same Consul General
in 1878, after which the breed was introduced in the United States and became
the first choice of American citizens. The face is black or brown, the eyes are
brown, the ears are blue, and the ears are pointed and large.

American Curl

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This breed of cat,
born with straight ears, bends backwards ten days after birth. This process
continues until the age of four months, after which the ears become permanent
in this state. What distinguishes ‘American Curl’ from other breeds of cats is
the soft and silky-haired ‘American Curl’ of various colors, found mostly in
the United States, Spain, France, Japan and Russia, and is a major participant
in beautiful cat competitions. It is believed that this breed was created from
a combination of different cats. Despite this, it is considered to be
genetically healthy. However, it is important to protect its ears from any
unnecessary violence that could affect hearing.

Bengal Cat

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Named Bengal, this
breed is actually a hybrid cat, created from a combination of the wild cat
Leopard Cat and various domestic cats found in Southeast Asia, and after about
three generations, this cat has the characteristics of a pet. This cat with big
white spots and marble spots was born in the 1960s. This cat, which lives for
twelve to sixteen years, has a much louder voice than all other domestic cats.
Contrary to its name, this cat is not related to the Bengal Tiger breed.
Similarly, this cat is found mostly in the United States and the United Kingdom
instead of Bengal.

Birman Cat

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Burmese consider the
Burmese cat sacred. There are also many mythological stories in Burma about
this cat with dark blue eyes and light colors. After World War II, only two
cats of this breed, Orloff and the female Xenia, survived in Europe. However,
they were bred in France after World War II and are now seen in large numbers
due to better care. Friendly, relatively tall, the cat’s face is covered with
dark hair and the rest of its body is usually covered with white hair.

Bombay Cat

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There are two types
of cats of this breed associated with the city of Mumbai, formerly Bombay,
India, including the British Bombay Cat and the American Bombay Cat. The other
type of cat is the American Bombay Cat, also known as the ‘Baby Panther’
because of its resemblance to the leopard. The eyes are orange. Both types of
cats have very different sounds than normal cats, but they can easily live in a
warm environment and are completely humane.

California Spangled

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The cat, which
resembles a leopard and looks fierce, is a complete domestic pet and is
considered one of the most expensive cats in terms of price. Riding on the
owner’s shoulder is his favorite pastime.

Egyptian Mau

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The fastest running
Egyptian cat of all domestic cats belongs to the ancient cat breed of about
three thousand years ago, as evidenced by the ancient Egyptian photographs.
There are spots on this cat’s body. They do not have hair color, but if the cat
is bald, these spots can be seen on the skin; bronze, gray, black and

Exotic Shorthair Cat

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This flat-mouthed
cat is a combination of the ‘Persian’ and the ‘American Short Hair’ cat, which
is also considered to be the dog’s best friend. At least there is something
that smells like the owner or the radio or TV is on so that it does not feel
lonely. This jumping cat is also a good hunter of rats.


sphynx cat, hairless cat, sphynx kitten

Sphynx is an
important breed of hairless cats that does not have fluids on its body but has
a smooth skin-like fur on its body which has different colors. This cat is also
called Canadian Hairless. Don Sphynx’s cat does not have congenital hair on its
skin, as does another cat, Peter-bald. However, it loses its hair gradually.
Without hair, these cats do not mix easily with humans.

British Shorthair

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The copper-eyed cat
is considered one of the healthiest cats and belongs to some of the most
popular breeds of cats in the UK. Its individuality is its legs which are
shorter than its body.

Japanese Bobtail

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Cats of this breed
with short tail like rabbits are found mostly in Japan and Southeast Asian
countries and mostly consist of three colors. About a thousand years old this
breed is considered a sign of good luck in Japan and many businesses decorate
her statues with the name Maneki Neko, meaning “cat that brings

Norwegian Forest Cat

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Found in extremely
cold regions, this breed is considered to be the favorite cat of the cold
regions, especially the people of Northern Europe, because of its furry soft
hair. It also provides waterproofing for the body and protects it from the
harsh weather.


squitten, squitten cat

This unique cat,
which looks like a squirrel and a kangaroo, is valued all over the world
because its front legs are much shorter than its hind legs, while its tail is
as long as a squirrel’s or ‘kangaroo cat’.

Odd-Eyed Cat

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There are some
breeds of cats that have different eye colors. The Prophet’s pet cat, Muezzin,
who belonged to the Turkish Angora breed, also had different eye colors. A cat
with odd eyes means that one eye of the cat is completely different from the
other. However, one eye of a cat must be blue, while the other eye is green,
yellow or brown. One of the interesting things about odd eyes cats is that they
are usually deaf. In addition, the blue eyes of cats with two-colored eyes
usually give a red-eye effect to the image due to the brightness of the camera
flashlight. This trait found in these cats is due to a genetic mutation that is
primarily related to the color of the hair on the skin. It should be noted that
due to its unique feature and historical status, such cats have been declared a
national heritage in Turkey.


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