Different Types of Pigeons and the Largest Market of Pigeons in Pakistan


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The passion for raising pigeons is still
alive today after centuries. There is hardly a country in the world where there
are no people interested in raising pigeons. Many pigeon breeders also hold
special competitions to train them.
The breeds of pigeons are diverse. The beginner pigeon
keeper should make the basic choice of what kind of bird to build. Pigeons are
divided into wild and domestic. Therefore, early breeders are recommended for
raising domestic pigeons.

Different Species of

pigeon varieties, types of fancy pigeons

Fans of pigeons for
at least 500 years and perhaps more have raised amazing pigeons. Today, there
are hundreds of breeds and colors, and, like cats and dogs, there are also
competitions to see who best matches their “breed standards.” Here
are some gems from the world of fancy pigeons.

Pigeons are one of
the most famous species of birds that are found in any city. Pigeons look very
beautiful. But one wonders how many species there are such beautiful birds in
the world. In this article, we will discuss different types of pigeons along with
photos and their names.

Crowned Pigeon

Crowned Pigeon, all types of pigeon

The species of wild
pigeons in Russia is very diverse, but the crowned pigeon is found only in
tropical countries such as New Guinea. He lodges in the bush mango, in the
woods, in the rain forest. Its name derives from a dove that can be bent and
raised, depending on the emotions and mood of the bird. Also, this breed owns a
rather long legs, and is no longer an edge in size.


Ringdove, different types of pigeons

Representative of
this breed is the largest of all wild pigeons. The length of the tail is 15 cm.
Coloring is not much different from blue stone and stone pigeons. Neck with a
bright green tint. Wood pigeon common in Europe and Asia. It prefers to nest in
forests or parks. Easily transition to any weather conditions.

King Pigeon

king pigeon, different types of pigeons

This is a favorite
breed of meat pigeon among the Americans. They were first brought in the 19th
century. Kings have extensive muscular bodies, developed muscles and strong
bones. The plumage of representatives of this species can be monotonous (black,
white, brown) and macular. King pigeons can almost not fly. Maybe it’s because
of their large body.

Homing Pigeon

Homing Pigeon, racing pigeons, carrier pigeon

The fact that the
pigeon was used as a postman, it is no secret. To pass the messages, such birds
were used in ancient Rome and Greece. In the middle ages only kings could
afford to keep pigeons. This type of communication was considered the most
reliable and fast. Even during World War II, the amazing ability of pet pigeons
came in handy for people in the absence of another connection. Time has passed,
and humanity no longer needs the services of postal birds. Now, this race is
called the game and used their ability to compete.


Fantail pigeon, indian fantail, american fantail pigeons

These shiny birds
are probably the most recognizable and well-known of the fancy pigeons. Their
peacock-like tails, prominent breasts, and curved necks are the target of bird
shows and fairground cattle shows around the world. However, they serve more
purpose than just glitter. When they are training their new prospects, people
who run or roam pigeons often live in front of the duvet coat. Extremely
visible ideas guide young people home like bacon. Some Fantail species have
less erect tail feathers (such as garden fantails) and are more airworthy than
exhibit Fantails. Although they are all losing their oil-like glands in the
bottom of their tails, they may experience a cold when they get wet.


pigeon market in Pakistan

In Peshawar, the
capital of KPK (the province of Pakistan), there is a market where birds are bought
and sold, in addition to special markets for buying and selling other goods. This
bird market, popularly known as the Pigeon Market, has been around for the past
40 years, and many species of birds are now extinct. Bird traders from other
provinces come to Peshawar exclusively to participate in this market.

Apart from pigeons,
other birds are also sold in this market on Friday and Sunday on the sidewalk
in front of the offices of District Nazim and District Liaison Officer in Bacha
Khan Chowk, Peshawar. As soon as you enter the market, it feels as if you have
left a lot of birds to fight together. The chirping of birds from all sides and
the noise of buyers offer an attractive scene.

This market is a
source of employment for many people. There are also traders who have no other
source of livelihood but earn their livelihood from birds. They include
Muhammad Bashir, an old pigeon trader.

There are many types
of pigeons in the world, including Pakistan, while pigeon fanciers claim that
there are as many species of pigeons as there are pigeons. Many pigeons compete
regularly because of their high flight, and win prizes of tens of millions of
rupees. The eyes of their owners are very sharp, and their necks are always
high. They are most shocked and saddened when their eyes are fixed on one of
their pigeons in the sky and the cat wipes its hands on the pigeons below.


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