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The goat is raised at home for milk and
meat. It also provides fiber, skin, natural fertilizer and hair.

Scientists say that goats are affected by
the happy expressions on human faces.

Compared to previous research, the
results now show that more species can understand human temperament.

The team of scientists showed male and
female goats two pictures of the same person, one showing angry and the other

In a report published in the journal Open
Science, the researchers explained that goats are affected by happy faces.

These results show that the ability of
animals to communicate with human faces is not limited to animals that have a
long history of working as friends with humans, such as dogs and horses.

Instead, domestic animals raised for food
production, such as goats, can understand human faces.

The study was conducted at the Buttercups
Century for Goats in Kent, UK.

The co-authors of the study, Dr. Alikan
McElligott of the University of London, and his colleagues put up black and
white images 1.3 meters apart on a wall in a specific area. After that goats
were left open there.

The Look of Goats

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The researchers concluded that the goats
were more attracted to smiling faces than to happy faces before moving on to
angry pictures. He spent a lot of time examining the smiling faces with his
But this was only seen when the pictures
of happy faces were placed in the right hand.

When the pictures of happy faces were
placed on the left, the goats did not pay much attention to any side.

Researchers believe that this is because
goats use one side of the brain to understand information, as has been seen in
other animals.

The researchers concluded that goats were
more attracted to smiling faces than to happy faces before moving on to angry
pictures. He spent a lot of time examining the smiling faces with his nostrils.

The left side of the brain may be
associated with positive emotions, or the right side of the brain may ignore
angry faces.

Goat Farming

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Goat farming is a good and profitable
job. Goat farming can be done with less money. Raising goats has been the
profession of our prophets. There are two types of goat farming and both types
are profitable businesses:

1. The type of milking

2. Meat production type

Choice of Place to Make the Form

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The site is chosen to have a forest near
the farm shed where there is green fodder, grass, herbs, cactus, phallus, and
berry, mulberry, and poplar trees. If this facility is not available then plant
your own trees. Also choose a place where pastures, streams or canals pass
along the pastures.

There is a huge difference in the weight
of goats grazing in pastures and manger. Goats that graze in pastures gain more
weight than goats that graze in stables. In addition, by going out to pastures,
goats eat a variety of herbs and all kinds of fodder to save livestock from
many diseases:

Construction of Shed for Goats

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Following points be kept in mind while
construction of shed for the goats:

1. For construction of goat sheds, the
place should always be high and there should be a place where there is no
danger of flood water coming.

2. The foundations of shed should also be
2 or 3 feet above the ground so that the drainage inside is good.

3. The roof of shed should be six inches
high from the yard and six inches below the back of shed so that rain water
does not enter the yard.

4. The width of shed should be from north
to south.

5. The roof of shed should be 7 to 9 feet

6. The shed building should be airy and

7. Plant shade trees along the shed and
in the yard.

8. It is sunny inside the shed in winter.

9. The floor of shed should be solid. If
the floor is rough, then the inner walls should be solid at least 2 feet.

10. The width of water tank in shed is
one foot, depth is nine inches and the length is according to the number of

11. Arrangement according to cold and
heat in the shed.


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