What Human Foods Can Birds Eat? A Complete List!



Before feeding human foods and kitchen scraps to our feathered friends, we should be careful.

Some foods are completely prohibited, and some can be fed occasionally in moderation. So, what human foods can birds eat? Let’s explore the list.

can birds eat goji berries

Can Birds Eat Goji Berries? Exploring the Risks and Benefits!

Growing up, I remember seeing jars of red berries at the dry fruits market. Who knew those berries would be …

can birds eat beets

Can Birds Eat Beets? Uncovering the Health Benefits and Risks!

If you’re into gardening, you know how much birds thoroughly enjoy wreaking havoc when the world begins to thaw. It …

can birds eat sesame seeds

Can Birds Eat Sesame Seeds? Uncovering the Myths and Facts!

Certain recipes aren’t complete without sesame seeds when you’re cooking, are they? That’s just what happened to me. Some of …

can birds eat sweet potatoes

Can Birds Eat Sweet Potatoes? Let’s Explore the Superfood!

Potatoes are common ingredients in the crisp fall morning specials as soon as autumn hits town. Savory or sweet, they’re …

can birds eat spinach

Can Birds Eat Spinach? Let’s Find Out the Merits and Demerits!

As bird enthusiasts, it is instinctive to offer visiting birds whatever dinner scraps remain in our pantry. One of the …

can birds eat bread

Can Birds Eat Bread? A Thorough Look Into Benefits and Risks!

Feeding birds is the oldest and purest form of love between birds and humans. Whether it is your pet birds …

can birds eat pistachios

Can Birds Eat Pistachios? Yay or Nay? Let’s Face It!

Who doesn’t love pistachios in ice cream and pestos? They go with anything and everything. The least unproblematic nut amidst …

can birds eat poopy seeds

Can Birds Eat Poppy Seeds? A Surprising Discovery!

Seeds are the holy grail of bird diet. Whether granivores or omnivores, seeds are given for bird food, store-bought, or …

can birds eat hemp seeds

Can Birds Eat Hemp Seeds? Let’s Find What the Research Says!

Hemps seeds are rising in popularity amongst nutritionists and health enthusiasts. If you are near as health conscious as I …

can birds eat marshmallows

Can Birds Eat Marshmallows? The Alarming Truth Revealed!

Commercial bird food is loved all around the bird community. Bird food is advertised to give your bird the best …

can birds eat cheez-its

Can Birds Eat Cheez-Its? Important Dietary Facts to Know!

One of the beloved foods we feed birds daily besides bread is crackers. So now, if you are to run …

can birds eat ice cream

Can Birds Eat Ice Cream? Toxin or Treat – A Deeper Look!

Ice cream, you scream, we scream! Why wouldn’t it be the only probable quip that goes through my mind every …

can birds eat rice cakes

Can Birds Eat Rice Cakes? A Tasty Treat or Dangerous Snack?

Rice cakes were all the buzz in the nineties. It had to be a household staple if you had an …

can birds eat cabbage

Can Birds Eat Cabbage? Discover the Shocking Truth!

If you’re into gardening, chances are you encountered the most prolific menace farmers face during the growing season. Bingo, if …

can birds eat chocolate

Can Birds Eat Chocolate? Is It Bad for Birds? Let’s Find Out the Truth!

Chocolates are a household staple when snacking, a delicacy no one can deny. It is not rare for our curious …

can birds eat eggplant

Can Birds Eat Eggplant? Do’s and Don’ts Explained!

The other day, I was devouring Baba Ganoush like always when it struck me: Can my bird eat eggplants? The …

can birds eat rabbit food

Can Birds Eat Rabbit Food? Everything You Need to Know!

Birds are versatile creatures – they are the least picky when it comes to food. Birds and rabbits are considered …

can birds eat uncooked pasta

Can Birds Eat Uncooked Pasta? The Answer May Surprise You!

Uncooked Pasta come in myriads of shapes and forms. Saying they’re a household staple worldwide will still be an understatement. …

can birds eat papaya seeds

Can Birds Eat Papaya Seeds? Health Benefits Explained!

When you hear exotic fruit, the first thing that comes to mind is Papaya. Originating from South America and Mexico, …

can birds eat olives

Can Birds Eat Olives? Uncovering the Mystery!

Arguably the best versatile stone fruit (other than mangoes) are olives. Pair them with pizzas or martinis; they are a …

can birds eat pickles

Can Birds Eat Pickles? Let’s Find Out the Answer!

Pickles are that “Guilty Pleasure” snack we always have lying around our pantry. Of course, it goes with burgers and …

can birds eat fennel seeds

Can Birds Eat Fennel Seeds? The Surprising Answer!

Whenever the winter air gets hard on us, I’ve reached out for the fennel tea in my pantry.  One sip …

can birds eat tortillas

Can Birds Eat Tortillas? Let’s Find Out the Benefits and Risks!

If you’re a Mexican food enthusiast, you’ll often have a plethora of tortillas chilling in your pantry. And it is …


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