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According to a study, children who are
ill or whose parents have separated are more likely to trust their pets than
their siblings.

Matt Castles, a psychologist at Cambridge
University, says little attention has been paid to the role of pets in young
people’s emotions. Castles says such children think that their pets will not
form an opinion about their character. He has researched 100 families in the UK
for ten years.

Castles is a researcher in Postgraduate
Psychiatry. He says the place of pets in the lives of young children has not
been properly recognized and its importance has not been fully assessed. According
to research, the breakdown of families means that children in the United States
live with their animals instead of their natural fathers.

According to data from the United States,
about two-thirds of children live with their fathers, while four out of five
families, including school-going children, also have pets.

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Castles analyzed a lengthy study
conducted at the Center for Family Research at Cambridge University that looked
at children older than two years. Information on pet ownership was obtained
when the children were 12 years old.

Castles says children who suffer from
emotional problems, such as trauma after death, parental divorce, instability
and illness, value their pets more.

These children not only look to their
pets for support in difficult times, but they also do more than turn to their
siblings. Even though they know that their pets do not understand what they are
saying. Research also shows that children are stronger in their relationships
with their pets than their peers.

Effects of Pet Animals on Children’s Life

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Today, almost every household has a pet,
be it a cat, a dog or a rabbit. Cats or dogs are more common than rabbits. One
of the main reasons is that rabbits are accustomed to living in burrows in the
ground. It is in their nature to dig up burrows wherever they are, whereas cats
or dogs can live in a normal human environment. It doesn’t take much effort to
raise them and keep them at home.

Children are also happy to see them, play
with them and consider them their friends. These animals also have the ability
to mingle with humans. In Western countries, cats or dogs are an integral part
of every home. This trend is now being seen in Pakistan as well. Pet dog
loyalty is popular anyway. To protect against burglary, most people keep a dog
tied to their lawn so that wherever a thief tries to climb a wall or gate or an
unknown person is trying to enter the house, the dog makes a noise, which
alerts the homeowner.

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When it comes to cats, more cats are seen
as pets in every home. This harmless carnivorous little mammal has been
familiar to humans since ancient times, but where they have advantages, they
also have some side effects. There are things that children must be protected
from. Because children are fragile. A slight carelessness can make them
seriously ill.

Lee, dog, and rabbit hairs can enter
children’s lungs and affect their lungs. Which makes it difficult for children
to breathe. This is especially true of children who are accustomed to sleeping
with a pet cat or dog. Also, if these animals get up from a sofa or carpet, you
will see that the hairs of these animals will be stuck in this place, which
later enter the air and enter the respiratory tract.

In addition, scientists say that various
skin diseases are found in animals. The head of a private institute for fungal
infections and microbiology in the German capital, Berlin, says the infection
is often caused by ‘Microsporum Canis’, a parasitic skin fungus in dogs.
“Another common fungus that causes skin diseases is found in most
rabbits,” he said. This fungus mainly affects cattle. Infectious diseases
caused by fungi are also common in many other mammals.

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A member of the German Association of
Dermatologists says that virtually every hairy animal can have the fungus.
According to him, birds and reptiles can also transmit the fungus of skin
diseases in humans. Once in the body of a human or animal, the fungus makes its
home in the skin and hair and begins to feed on a special protein called ‘Keratin’.
Although some animals do not have many of these symptoms, humans have a much
higher reaction rate. “There is no way for humans to avoid it,” he

In humans, this fungus causes a special
type of inflammation in the skin. Antina Luebke-Becker, a researcher at the
University of Bonn, says the infection causes reddening of the skin in human.
In addition, sometimes itchy, blistered or purulent abscesses also develop.
Other possible symptoms include hair loss and sometimes fever. The infection
occurs on the parts of the body that the animal comes in contact with or
touches. It is transmitted through the skin or hair of the infected animal.
۔ He said that the infection is usually
caused by tapping the animal but it can also be caused by hair falling on

Symptoms appear on the arms and torso and
sometimes on the face. If left untreated, it can spread to other people.

Experts say that animals whose skin is
feeling abnormal should avoid touching it. Experts also advise avoiding
touching dogs, cats and other animals unknowingly. So the parents who have pets
or dogs in their homes should take special care that their child does not face
any major trouble from these pets due to their carelessness.


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