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The relationship between man and beast is
centuries old. The usefulness of animals is also described in the inspired
books, which have been of immense benefit to human beings from the earliest
times to the present day. Many of us have pets in our homes, innocent cats,
peacock puppies, and playful goats, all of which have a positive effect on our
moods and for a few moments we forget our confusions.

According to medical
experts and psychologists, pets can play an important role in our psychiatric
treatment. The human psychiatric treatment through animals can be very

The Animal and
Society Institute works to study and promote human-animal relationships. In
this regard, the Institute started celebrating Human-Animal Relations Awareness
Week in the second week of November 2017. The aim is to raise awareness of the
importance of human-animal relationships and the benefits of relationships
between them and the potential issues associated with them.

The institute’s job
is to create safe and compassionate communities for all animals, as well as to
create awareness about the relationship between humans and different species of
animals (especially wild, agricultural and domestic animals).

Our pets love us
unconditionally. They don’t care if we are in trouble or in a bad mood. They
just want to come to us and love us or give us a little attention.

Pets easily
understand when we need their silent love and help and when we need solitude.
When we return home from work all day, they warmly look at us warmly or give us
a warm welcome.

Medical studies have
shown that spending time with a pet, such as a dog or cat, can keep blood
pressure normal because you feel relaxed when you see and touch your pet. You
love this exercise even more when you jog with your pet dog.

A pet can reduce the
loneliness of your life, especially for older people who no longer have a
partner with them, so they can grieve with their pet.

Medical science is
working on animal therapy and has been quite successful. Here are some of
the benefits of spending time with pets:

Cholesterol Lowering

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A study in 2013 by
the American Heart Association found that spending time with your pet dog
reduces the risk of heart disease. Heart patients can increase their life expectancy
if they spend time with their pet.

Low Risk of

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Keeping a pet can
reduce your risk of allergies. Studies have shown that children who grow up
with pets are less likely to have allergies than people who live in a home with
no pets. One study found that children who spent time with their pet dogs in
the first year of life had a lower risk of developing allergies later in life.

Relief from Chronic

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If you are suffering
from chronic pain, living with a pet alone can reduce the pain. This is because
the pleasure you get from spending time with animals releases the hormones of
happiness inside you and they help to reduce the feeling of loneliness inside

Exactly Attached

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Strong relationships
with pets can lead to strong human relationships. In homes where pets are
present, parents are more compassionate than people who do not share their
lives with pets. Their empathy for pets can be seen in other areas of life as

Changes in Blood

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Pet dogs can be
trained on changes in the health of their owners. Pet dogs can notice a change
in blood sugar and let their owner know about a drop in blood sugar. Trained
dogs help their owners to be more active and live a healthier life. Pets also
help their owners deal with depression or anxiety.


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