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Yorkies are extremely intelligent and affectionate animals. These
clever and cuddly pets need plenty of exercise and attention. However, they
still require some training at an early age.

Sometimes, it is best to train your Yorkies separately with adult
supervision, although sometimes you can train them by playing with them for a
few minutes at bedtime.

Youngsters should never be left alone with an untrained Yorkie nor
leave without supervision. You can teach your youngsters how to feed
themselves, and to bathe or groom the animal. All Yorkies love to eat treats,
but it should be strictly kept away from young children to avoid any accidents.

Yorkies are active, energetic, friendly dogs and will thrive on
regular walks outdoors. Because these cute animals like to be on top of their
game, they need daily walks with you and playtime with you too. They may need
weekly veterinary checkups as part of their routine health checkups too.

Labrador Retriever

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Labrador Retriever is the best pet and a beautiful dog with which
you will make an everlasting bond and love for the rest of your life. This dog
makes for a perfect companion and your kid will be so lucky that he/she will
always call him their ‘friend’ in life. It’s such a wonderful animal! The very
gentle nature and loving personality make this pet ideal as a small breed
family pet.

You can consider getting a puppy from the breeder or a rescue group
and then bring it home. Puppies are often bought at great prices and should
last your entire lifetime. Once they reach two months of age they should not be
allowed outside.

Many veterinarians recommend spaying and neutering puppies to
prevent unwanted pregnancies. The cost of raising a puppy varies depending on
where you live, but generally costs between $7,500-$10,000 per year.

Most people do not plan on buying a large-sized puppy before the
first birthday, but if you want to get one, check out some local shelters.

The average lifespan of a typical purebred dog ranges from 12-15
years in some breeds. If you buy or adopt from a reputable breeder, expect it
to take longer to develop into a true family pet.

Border Collie

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Borders are the most popular choice for families considering
adopting the border collie puppy. These dogs love outdoor adventures, swimming
and play.

Some people say that they are aggressive towards both dogs and
children; however, they have been found to be really loyal to their owners,
especially after they get older. Although they are a bit snobby, they are
social creatures and will happily interact with children and other pets too.

Also, border collies love being pet parents, and will gladly spend
all day with the children and their friends, no matter how busy they are. You
can find lots of information online regarding the care of these adorable

Poodle (Standard)

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Poodles love being around the kids! Your little poodle will enjoy
playing games with other dogs, exploring with you as well as sleeping on your
lap during nap time. You will adore your pup and he will love you just the

A good Poodle will follow you around everywhere including indoors
and even hang on your legs to give you a ride around the house while carrying

There are many options for finding these sweet animals in different
colors, sizes, and patterns. Look for a Poodle in a blue/grey coat, with short
blonde hair and white markings and you will be set. Be sure to choose one who
is friendly to cats and dogs as well.

As you become more familiar with them and learn about what makes a
good pet, you will be able to select a good quality, healthy and safe pet for
your furry friend. They can grow up to four feet long and weigh 3 pounds.


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Chihuahuas are lively and playful animals. Their size and
temperament make them suitable companions for children who need a lot of fun.
These animals make excellent pets and are a favorite among most family.

Kids will have lots of bonding time with the chihuahuas and they
will certainly get along wonderfully too.

Chihuahuas have a tendency to run around and can easily keep up
with their younger siblings. When living with young children make sure to
create an environment where your chihuahuas will not only be active,
entertaining and adventurous, but you will also teach them responsibility.

Since these furry animals love spending their free time playing,
running around, and being rough around the neighborhood, make sure to provide
enough space to run freely as much as possible. Remember to include activities
for these dogs besides running around.

With that being said chihuahuas are active, energetic and sociable
animals that will need daily exercise. Make sure to provide plenty of toys that
will allow them to run or play. Do not let them get bored easily as they may
end up chewing off furniture or knocking down objects.

Chihuahuas will need basic grooming, as they are naturally
protective towards their own body. Always take your chihuahuas for vet checks
to ensure that they are free of fleas, ticks, and lice to prevent diseases and

Chihuahuas are particularly sensitive to new smells and scents.
Keep a close eye on them during their first week and if they start to dislike
the smell, try switching to another brand or scent to help them adjust.

You can buy Chihuahuas for indoor use from markets and
supermarkets. Another option is to purchase wholesale chihuahuas from private
breeders. These dogs might be less pricey and smaller than standard ones.

These dogs are also known to be somewhat sensitive to harsh and strong-smelling
products so be careful. Never let a chihuahua sleep in your room. Instead, put
them in the bedroom while you sleep or in another area.

Some breeders will ask you for the name of your prospective pet and
may offer to pay for them. Chihuahuas are usually friendly to humans, but they
can be wary when meeting strangers.

Golden Retriever

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Golden retrievers are a big fan of children and families that they
are easy going and full of energy. These dogs enjoy being held, hugged, and
even carried around. Therefore, they need plenty of exercise and physical
activity to keep them healthy and active.

Golden retrievers have a low level of intellect, although they are
quick learners. They can be stubborn and may require constant training and
patience to overcome their fears.

While being a huge family pet, golden retrievers are relatively
peaceful, friendly, and outgoing, but with proper training, will become a
trusted and loving member of your family. You will need to provide lots of toys
and treats to keep these furry relatives interested and occupied while waiting
for your children to return home from school.

In fact, these dogs can be quite loud and noisy when they are
excited and full of energy which can sometimes get annoying or disruptive
inside the house.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to calm your golden retriever. Just
remember to keep them entertained and active whenever interacting with other
pets or children.

Siberian Husky

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A Siberian husky has got an instinct to protect itself. Unlike the
domestic greyhound, it doesn’t need to be walked constantly, but should still
be regularly exercised and provided with plenty of toys to keep them busy.

Even though they need to be kept active and busy, Siberian huskies
don’t need a lot of attention. If your family wants to look like a real hunting
family, then a Siberian husky might just be the right choice.

The price of owning a Siberian husky may vary depending on
location, so do your research beforehand. Before purchasing a Siberian husky,
make sure to speak with the breeder. He or she may charge an additional fee for
bringing in a puppy that is bigger and heavier than usual and might need

Don’t forget to pick a healthy puppy from the litter as puppies
need plenty of nutrition and attention to stay healthy and lively.


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Corgis are popular small dogs, and there are lots of reasons why
Corgis are so cute.

First of all, these
pups have amazing coloring. Not only do these babies come in lots of colors,
but these puppies tend to come in almost every color imaginable.

Second, Corgi babies
are very tolerant of separation anxiety. Being handled frequently, Corgis are
easy-going pets and need lots of attention.

Third, these are
active, energetic and independent animals that can run around the yard or park
with you. They will happily accompany you anywhere you go whether it is through
the car, sidewalk or playground.

Fourth, these dogs
prefer to walk and explore so you’ll also need to provide enough toys and
treats to keep them busy and entertained.

Corgis are high maintenance due to their fur, yet are actually
incredibly loving animals that are eager to please their humans. Corgis are
highly energetic and active yet tolerant of excessive amounts of stimulation
and exercise.

Finally, these dogs
are smart, agile and pack hunting type animals who respond to food and rewards
very quickly. If you feel that you have a Corgi puppy in the household, then
start looking at local rescues for potential pets to adopt.

Also, make sure to note whether you can find dogs available for
adoption in your town/city area to give the owner a fair idea of who they are
before giving it a chance.


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