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Love of beauty is part of human nature.
Allah Almighty has kept a lot of beauty in the universe. Some things are
obvious and some things have to be found. The hobby of gardening, keeping pets
and birds in houses, huts, tents and farms etc. is also not a new one. Where
there are human beings, this hobby is common either for necessity or just for

When beautiful birds are in the courtyard of the house, the rainbow
descends on the house with their beautiful bright colors and the beholder
cannot live without thanking Allah Almighty. 

There are millions of people in
Pakistan who are raising beautiful birds and pets with great love and
affection. Find here adorable chicken breeds in Pakistan.

White Leghorn

adorable, chicken breeds, asil chicken, chicken breeds in Pakistan, white leghorn

It is a white hen and is raised
exclusively for eggs. In terms of favorable environment, care and production,
80% of the production is achieved. That is, 80 out of 100 hens lay eggs daily
during the egg season. 

The average age is two and a half years. It is ready,
and starts laying eggs from the seventh month. It costs about Rs. 300/- per hen
from the initial stages of rearing to the laying stages of laying eggs. 

less than one thousand hens get more than 22 thousand eggs per month and it is sold
at a wholesale rate of Rs. 10 per egg. Even if the revolving expenses are
deducted, Rs. 1 to 1.5 lakhs are earned from a farm with 1000 chickens per
month for two consecutive years. This hen lays eggs, its meat does not cook

Broiler Chicken

adorable, chicken breeds, asil chicken, chicken breeds in Pakistan, broiler chicken

The broiler is the most common type of
poultry found in Pakistan. It is the heaviest of the lesser white chickens. The
broiler is the number one product in terms of production. And because of its
quick ripening, it is often used. This type of hen is not capable of laying

There are specific foods and medicines
for this chicken. Understanding the system and schedule requires extreme
experience and specific climate. It is purchased through agents. Its seeds are
available at different rates at different times. 

A chicken costs between Rs 40
and Rs 100 and then the first class rate is a bit higher depending on the
category. This chicken is ready in 40 days. There are usually a thousand
chicken farms. It costs an average of three to three and a half lakh rupees to
produce a thousand chickens and a flock saves about one lakh rupees. 

you have to give and take due to illness and sometimes there is excessive
profit. It is usually consumed in Ramadan and Rabi-ul-Awwal and is in high
demand even during the wedding season from October to March. This is a very
lucrative business if you have good luck and hard work, timely management of
proper medicines.

Golden Hen

adorable, chicken breeds, asil chicken, chicken breeds in Pakistan, golden hen

It is red in color and is very pampered
and nurtured. It eats favorite food, and has an average age of four years.
After six months, it is able to lay eggs. Its meat is very tasty. Small mud rooms
are made to raise this chicken. It is possible to produce it on a small scale
even in cities. 

This hen does not breed, but its eggs have the power to breed.
Its eggs are slightly brown in color. If the disease is controlled, it is
called a golden egg-laying hen in the villages of Punjab and this is probably
why it is called Golden. This breed of hen lays eggs in winter and summer
without hatching.

Egyptian Chicken

adorable, chicken breeds, asil chicken, chicken breeds in Pakistan, Egyptian chicken

This chicken is in a mixture of black and
white. Its properties are similar to those of the golden hen.

Golden Egyptian Crossbreed

adorable, chicken breeds, asil chicken, chicken breeds in Pakistan, golden Egyptian crossbreed

This hen lays the most eggs (over 250 per
year). Its egg is called ‘Desi’ and sells more expensive than White Leghorn’s
egg. It is usually raised in open sheds. If the eggs are to be sold for
consumption, the male bird is not required. But if the eggs are to be laid in a
hatchery, then for ten female hens, one male hen is also reared. 

The best time
to raise chickens for farming is March-April. In this way the hen starts laying
eggs even before the onset of winter and thus the best price of this egg can be
obtained. Usually after one year, the chicken is sold for meat and a new
chicken is added. This can be very rewarding if done with proper care.

Asil Chicken

adorable, chicken breeds, chicken breeds in Pakistan,  asil chicken

This is the rarest
and highest breed chicken. It is in great demand in the market. Chickens of
this breed are commonly used in village fair battles and are sold in thousands.  

The young hen hatches after 10 to 15 eggs and
the large hen hatches after 35 to 40 eggs. Then the eggs are ready for hatching.
If she is laid on eggs, she hides the eggs in her loving wings for 21
consecutive days on a simple diet and then the chicks are born. She also
protects her chicks for about four months and teaches them to chew grains. 
Its eggs are also used for breeding.

adorable, chicken breeds, chicken breeds in Pakistan,  asil chicken

This chicken weighs
three to four kilograms. Due to its tall stature, its meat is also more delicious.
But people keep this breed only for procurement of chickens so that they can be
sold at high prices when needed. 

Despite being valuable and expensive due to
non-production of eggs, no special attention is being paid to the farming of
this hen. Therefore, its generation is slowly becoming extinct.

Desi chicken

adorable, chicken breeds, chicken breeds in Pakistan,  desi chicken

These chickens are
now found in rural areas. Lays about 20 eggs and then hatch the eggs. If you
want to take eggs again, they have to be removed from the eggs. If they are
bathed twice a day, they will return to normal after two days, but it will take
at least another 15 days to lay eggs again.

Domestic Chicken

adorable, chicken breeds, chicken breeds in Pakistan, domestic chicken

This is a very good
looking chicken. It has no feathers on its neck but a few feathers on its head.
This hen is a native type. Its egg production is also good. This breed has a medium


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