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Bernie Traurig's Top Videos

We are proud of all our coaches and their desire to spread education. Bernie has himself produced over 100 topics. To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, Bernie has put together a list of just some of his favorites over the years.


hip angles, show jumping,

Building Blocks to a Great Position: Part 5 To Sit or Not to Sit
Bernie Traurig
Bernie discusses all the different seats one uses on course and where they apply with show ring footage from some of the best Hunter, Jumper & Equitation Riders.
Running Time:  8 minutes and 53 seconds

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controls of the horse part 1 correct rein aids on your horserein aids

Controls of the Horse Part One – Rein Aids
Bernie Traurig
Bernie Traurig demystifies, clarifies and modernizes rein aids and their direct application in the show ring in this video, the first of a two part series. Youʼll learn the proper technique of each rein aid as well as the appropriate circumstances to apply them. By mastering rein aids and using them in conjunction with leg aids, youʼll have a powerful tool at your disposal, resulting in a superior performance.
Running Time:  20 minutes and 18 seconds

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learning to use an indirect rein on your horse

Demystifying the Inside Leg to Outside Rein
Bernie Traurig
These days you hear the phrase “inside leg to outside rein” tossed around in schooling rings and during lessons with surprising regularly, but what does the term really mean? In this topic, Bernie clarifies how we make use of both our hands and both our legs by demonstrating what aids are used in various situations in and out of the show ring.

Running Time:  11 minutes and 39 seconds

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Training Techniques

advanced fundamentals of flatwork for your horse

Fundamentals of Flatwork – Part 3 – Advanced
Bernie Traurig
The Advanced level further illustrates Bernie’s modern, refined and simplified approach. If your goal is a higher level of performance or to achieve a greater brilliance and quality of gait, this video is for you.
Running Time:  51 minutes and 16 seconds

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training your horse the fundamentals of flying changes

Fundamentals of Flying Changes
Bernie Traurig
Here is an in depth look at the building blocks that are required for a perfectly executed flying change. In this topic Bernie breaks down and examines each component of a flying change and demonstrates exercises that will give your horse every opportunity to change leads on cue.
Running Time:  16 minutes and 32 seconds

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Riding Techniques

how to ride winning turns on your horse

Winning Turns
Bernie Traurig
Bernie discusses and demonstrates his signature system for short turns to jumps that he has used and taught for decades. This system has not only brought him success in the show ring, but has contributed to the success of his many students.
Running Time:  15 minutes and 42 seconds

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looking for the distance to the jump on your horse

Looking for the Distance
Bernie Traurig
Bernie travels far and wide as a clinician and encounters a wide spread confusion amongst his students – where to look to find a distance to a fence. In this topic, he experiments with various techniques for finding the distance and puts an end to the mystery.
Running Time:  8 minutes and 30 seconds

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learn how to see distances to the jump on your horse

Advanced Exercises To Develop A Better Eye: Part 2
Bernie Traurig
Once you’ve developed the ability to see your distances proficiently, you’re ready to fine-tune your eye. In this segment Bernie uses cavaletti and small jumps in exercises that will teach you how to create the perfect take off point in relation to the course.
Running Time:  16 minutes and 59 seconds

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What bit to use on your horse

Bits and Bitting
Bernie Traurig
Bernie shares his personal insights on bits and bitting. His philosophy has been gained through decades of experience with thousands of horses.
Running Time:  31 minutes and 6 seconds

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improve your horses front end over jumps

The Winkler Gymnastic
Bernie Traurig
In this video, Bernie shares with you one of his favorite gymnastics designed to improve your horse’s agility, front end (technique), rhythm & balance.
Running Time: 10 minutes and 32 seconds

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