Kittens Found in Warehouse Together, One of Them Needs Help to Walk, and the Other Never Leaves His Side



Two kittens were found in a warehouse together. One of them needed help to walk, and the other never left his side.

kittens brothersJerry and BenBabyKittenRescue

A Good Samaritan found a pair of kittens in a warehouse, all by themselves. She noticed that one of them had twisted hind legs and reached out to local rescues for help.

“When I received the intake request, I couldn’t say no,” Caroline Grace, founder of Baby Kitten Rescue (in Los Angeles) shared. “I picked up the kittens (Ben and Jerry) and started assessing and stabilizing them.”

The kittens were treated for fleas, dehydration, and a mild eye infection (for Ben). They felt so much better and curled up next to each other in their cozy, warm bed for a long nap.

kitten twisted legsJerry had twisted hind legsBabyKittenRescue

X-rays showed no abnormalities with Jerry’s bones, and his legs were twisted due to contracted tendons. With the help of a team of physical therapists, they came up with a treatment plan for Jerry.

Jerry received daily stretching exercises and leg massages to help loosen his stiff hind limbs. “Once his tendons have softened enough, we will start splinting his legs into the correct position.”

kitten twisted legs jerryBabyKittenRescue

Whenever Jerry was getting worked on, Ben would look for him. Once he returned to the nest, Ben would come right over and shower him with snuggles and purrs.

In just a few days, Jerry made visible improvements on his left leg.

bonded kittens brothersBen and Jerry holding handsBabyKittenRescue

“Through all the physical therapy, splinting, stretching, and massaging, Jerry remains the sweetest, most loving boy. He’s such a good eater, and he purrs constantly.”

At 4-5 weeks old, Ben and Jerry became more active and started venturing out of their nest. Ben would lead the way to new adventures, and Jerry would watch and follow suit.

bonded kittens lap catsThey do everything togetherBabyKittenRescue

In no time, both kittens figured out their litter box, and wrestled and played with each other like pros.

“Ben is Jerry’s protector. He always checks on Jerry and literally wraps his arms around him. As soon as you pick him up, Ben just melts into your arms and snuggles into you, purring.”

bonded kittens brothersBabyKittenRescue

Despite Jerry’s right leg still being twisted, he would zoom around the place with ease and could hold his own when tackling his brother.

“His right leg was tighter and more challenging. His left leg was completely corrected within two weeks of physical therapy.”

best friends kittens, ben jerry kittensBabyKittenRescue

When Jerry was around eight weeks old, Juliet and Daphne, foster volunteers, continued care on his legs and began to see progress with his right limb.

They placed his right leg in the appropriate position whenever there was a chance, so Jerry would start to understand that he could use that leg now.

kitten cuteJerry can stand with his paws in the right positionBabyKittenRescue

“Over the course of almost three months of daily massage, stretching, and physical therapy, we were able to reposition Jerry’s legs to be fully functional,” Caroline shared.

“Jerry now requires no special care and can walk, run, jump, and play with ease.”

playful kittenAfter almost three months, Jerry can walk, run, jump just like any other kittenBabyKittenRescue

The two brothers share an unbelievably close bond. They will seek out each other if they aren’t within eyesight.

Ben watched his brother improve over time, and cheered him on as he learned to walk on all fours. He encouraged him to try new things and was always there whenever Jerry needed a cuddle.

bonded kittensBen and Jerry are the best of friendsBabyKittenRescue

Ben and Jerry have found their forever home together, and they will never be apart. “What an amazing journey these brothers have had.”

sleeping happy kittensThey have found their forever home togetherBabyKittenRescue

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