How to Breed Freshwater Angelfish for Profit (Earn Money)



Saltwater Angelfish are very popular due to their unique shape, wing pattern & colors. But freshwater Angelfish are also available. They are from the Cichlids family. Angelfish can reach a length of up to 6 inches & height of up to 8 inches so they need a large aquarium.

If you keep your aquarium water clean & offer healthy diets to your Angelfish, then they can live up to 12 years in your aquarium. Angelfish are classified as semi-aggressive because they are territorial & chase each other in the tank. Parent Angelfish are known for defending their eggs, & fries from other fish. As compared to ordinary Cichlids, Angelfish are peaceful & you can keep them in community aquariums with right aquarium mates.


Setup Aquarium for Breeding Angelfish:

Angelfish like planted aquariums with plenty of hiding spots. With this setup you can keep Angelfish in the community aquarium where every male can form their own territory & they are comparatively less territorial.

The tank size is based on how many Angelfish you want to keep. If you have a 30-gallon aquarium, then keep up to 4 large Angelfish with other aquarium mates. If you are keeping Angelfish in a 55-gallon aquarium, then you can keep up to 6 Angelfish but if your Angelfish becomes highly territorial then you can remove some of them. If there are many fish in your aquarium, then it is recommended to change partial water regularly to keep water clean.

How to Breed Freshwater Angelfish for Profit?

How to Breed Freshwater Angelfish for Profit?

How to Differentiate between Male & Female Angelfish:

It is very easy to breed Angelfish in aquariums. But it is hard to differentiate between male & female Angelfish. If you look carefully, you will see a hump on the noses of male Angelfish, & males are more territorial than females.

How to Breed Freshwater Angelfish:

Breeders keep the eggs of Angelfish in a new tank because adults might eat them. It is crucial to offer a better diet to let your Angelfish grow quickly. Baby Brine Shrimp & fry diets are top foods for Angelfish fries.

Keep the water temperature at 27 ºC. A pH of 6.6 to 6.8 is ideal for Angelfish.

Shift Eggs to a Separate Aquarium:

When Angelfish lay their eggs, then it is time to remove them from the parent aquarium & shift them to a new aquarium because Angelfish can eat their own eggs & fries. It is recommended to setup a 24-inch x 12-inch x 12-inch aquarium for fries, & do not add any substrate & keep the water temperature at 27 to 28ºC. A sponge filter will really make cleaning easier plus it won’t suck fries.

It is suggested to use a small container for keeping eggs.

When Angelfish lay their eggs, then it is time to shift them to a new tank. Fill the small container with aquarium water. Then shift eggs to the small container that could be attached to a leaf, or stone placed inside the small container.

If Angelfish have deposited eggs on a leaf, then remove that leaf & shift it to its new home.

Now place the container holding eggs into a bare bottom aquarium. Do not fill the large aquarium with water. Use an open-ended airline that produces water movement to pass over the eggs & mimic the parents’ fanning.

It is recommended to change partial water inside the container & if you find fungus over the eggs, then these eggs should be removed from the container.

Angelfish Fry Food:

Angelfish eggs take around 48 hours in hatching. Babies eat yolk sac in the beginning so there is no need to offer any extra food. On the 7th day, babies become free swimmers. Now it is time to tilt the small container to let the fries shift to the large aquarium. Offer them newly hatched shrimp.


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