Water Changes, Top Tips and Why It is Good for Your Aquarium!


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It is so easy to get caught up on buying the best, most expensive filters, that most people find themselves forgetting about the most single important rule of keeping fish. Years ago, my grandad said to me

Remember kid, you are keeping water. Keep the water clean and you’ll be able to keep your fish alive!”

I never fully understood what he exactly meant back then. I was just a boy. But I soon learned its true meaning.

I think this is the very reason I wanted to write this blog. I feel that over the years I have gained lots of knowledge on Keeping Water” that it’s only fair I share it to you guys. After all, if we get this right then Keeping Tropical and Cold-Water Fish should be easy!

So, this brings us on to our first tip on how to keep your water clean. I am not going to mention the obvious like filters etc as you all by now know that you need a filter! I’m going to stick to maintenance!

Things you will need#

  1. A Syphon – This is a device that sucks the water out of the tank and cleans the gravel

  2. Tap Safe – Dechlorinates the water. Makes water safe for fish

  3. Cleaning Pad – to clean the inside of the glass

  4. A bucket – to capture dirty water

  5. A hose – to put new water into the tank


Tip #1 – Set a Reminder on your phone to change the water

Probably the best advise that can be given. For beginner fish keepers this is a life saver. Life gets busy and it is easy to forget to do a water change. You can have all the tools in your inventory. However, if you forget to use them, they are rendered useless. Set notes on your reminder about what you need to do.

Example: Change 25% water (about the correct amount), clean gravel and clean filter. This will give you some reference. Use Tap Safe Clean once every two weeks

As you get more experienced you won’t need to worry about this sort of thing because you will have your own methods in place. But for new beginner fish keepers I highly recommend this tip.

Tip #2 – Use Tap Safe.

Tap Safe is a chemical used to removed Chlorine and Chloramine from tap water. Chlorine and Chloramine are both toxic to fish! Hopefully this will make sense now why we all say to use it. It also removes heavy metals.

However, tap safe also has another secret purpose. Tap safe helps to bind up ammonia making it easier to remove during water changes. Now most people will tell you to only add tap safe after you have added new water. HOWEVEVER, MY TIP IS TO ADD IT BEFORE AND AFTER WATER CHANGES.

Adding tap safe before a water change will help to bind the ammonia (if any). This will help you remove some of it when you start to syphon the dirty water! Genius.

Some Good Tap Safe Brands

  1. Aquadip H20 maker (We use this, one of the best)

  2. Seachem Prime (One of the best)

  3. Interpet Bio Active Tap Safe

  4. NT Labs Tap Safe

  5. Tetra Aqua Safe

Tip #3 – Remember to Syphon the Gravel and Clean the inside of the Glass

It’s all well and good syphoning the water, but most of the poop, food debris and dead plants is in the gravel. Cleaning the gravel is vitally important to keeping down the ammonia and keeping the water cleaner for longer!

Give the glass on the inside a clean, use an algae pad. This will help you enjoy looking at your tank. DO NOT USE SOAP !!

Simple Tip but easily forgotten

Tip #4 – Clean your Filter in Tank Water

Cleaning your filter is equally as important for cleaning your water. However, do not clean your filter in tap water. This will kill healthy bacteria that your tank needs.

Before you clean the tank, syphon some tank water into your bucket and give your filter a clean first. Remember always keep your filter in water. Don’t clean your filter and them leave it on the side. This can also kill beneficial bacteria.

Tip #5 – Don’t Over Feed

Now all the hard work is completed, the last thing we want to do is to over feed. Fish will only eat what they need. If you over feed the uneaten food will go to the bottom of the tank and rot. This will make the water bad. It sounds simple i agree. But trust me, so many people over feed. So, get on YouTube and get an idea on how much you should be feeding.

Also buying quality foods is equally as important. Some foods will give you an oil slick look on the surface of the water. We don’t want this.

Foods i would recommend

  1. AquaTails Tropical flakes

  2. AquaTails Sticky Greens

  3. AquaTails Algae wafers

  4. Fluval Bug Bites

  5. Tetra – flakes

Remember, Keeping Water Clean, Will Keep Your Fish Alive.

I hope this helps some of you. For more information check out our site www.aquatails.co.uk We have plenty of products to choose from. Plus, we are always here to help.

  1. 25% water change every two weeks is a good starting point

  2. Clean your filter in old aquarium water

  3. Syphon Gravel

  4. Use Tap Safe before and after water change

  5. Don’t OVER FEED



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