Why we struggle where our dogs excel


Happy New Year!

Can you believe 2022 is here?! I can’t, and I also never imagined that the world would be the way it is.  

Do you agree that we need a major transformation on Earth and that our current ways of life are no longer serving our society?

It seems that many world leaders, politicians, and those in power, are flexing their muscles, posturing, competing for power, money, resources, and wasting tax dollars on ever-growing bureaucracy that clogs up our lives and makes getting anything done impossible.

Many social studies have shown that the most stable societies embrace “order without excessive control.” In a way, humans are like teenagers. If people are pushed, they resist. If they are controlled, history has shown, they eventually rise up and make a shift happen.

It is mind-boggling to see so many politicians, leaders, and executives being so immature for the sake of money and power. It is also very inspiring to see children and teenagers becoming the leaders in the world.

Can we be hopeful? Maybe….

Whenever I think about the solutions to any of the problems that plague our world, I can’t prevent myself from thinking that we humans are acting like little toddlers who have broken a toy and do not know how to fix it. Except in this scenario the toy is not a $20 toy truck, it is planet Earth. 

An infant crying with a toy planet Earth

There are plenty of “ultra spiritual” folks who are full of ideas about surrendering to the circumstances and waiting for the “universe” or God to provide us with a solution. Is this an escape from reality because nobody knows what to do?

It is clear that the two great experiments of the past few centuries — capitalism and communism — have failed, and if we want to survive, we must find

a new, better solution.

It appears that most of the world is ready for change, except for the old generation of politicians and self-indulgent corporate leaders who have many reasons to prevent this from happening. But politicians are not the only ones to be blamed, we are all to blame. We are the children who do not know how to fix the broken system and the planet.

I will be honest, despite my generally optimistic attitude, I have had a hard time staying positive at times because I know how complex this all is, but I have some tools that make me feel good about the world which I would like to share with you:

  • Of course, I will put dog walks with Pax in first position, and then my work and the feeling that I am helping you and your dogs stay healthy.
  • I make it a priority to be active, and when I am feeling low I have the habit of going for a swim, bike ride, or doing my yoga practice.
  • I almost never watch the news, and instead I learn about what is happening by talking to others without hearing all of the depressing and graphic details. 
  • I also make sure that my shopping habits support companies that are environmentally and socially aware, and I do my best to buy products that are not made in countries that violate human and animal rights and welfare.
  • I also feel good about exercising my power not to indirectly support entities such as oil companies and big pharma through retirement savings plans, which many people do without knowing. They have no idea that advisors and banks frequently use their clients’ retirement money to buy stocks and support companies that perpetuate greed and destruction. A good example are oil and mining corporations, and big pharma.
  • If you have an advisor, ask them questions and set limits on what companies you do not wish to invest in. They may not like it, but this is one of the ways you can help change the world. You have consumer power, use it for the greater good! Do not support those who are a part of the problem and refuse to change.
The next step is…

Picking an area of life you are passionate about, and sharing your passion with those who are open to receiving it. I do this in the area of holistic health and nutrition, but it can be anything that makes the world a better place and makes you feel good. 

Try not to take on too much. It helps no one if you flood your brain with information about every tragedy and catastrophe in the world. Constant exposure to negative news from around the world will make anyone depressed.

Thinking globally and acting locally is a powerful principle to maintain good mental health. It is unlikely you will be able to do something about a car accident or factory collapse halfway around the world, but you can make a difference in your local area by helping a neighbour going through difficult times or volunteering for community service.

Whatever you are doing, do your best to ensure it’s aligned with your beliefs. Learn to say no and choose when and how to help, because you can’t fix everything and help everyone. Attempting to do so will just make you feel overwhelmed. 

The world is getting faster and faster, and we are inundated with an unprecedented amount of information. The amount of information that used to take 20 years to gather now only takes about a week to amass, and soon it will take a day, then an hour, and eventually a second! 

I have a feeling that when this happens, we will have no choice but to join our dogs in the best place we could ever be 

— in the moment. ❤️


Pax and Lana with a Happy New Year message



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