Top 6 Items to Protect Your Pet This Winter



Temperatures are dropping across the country, and many of the northern states are already covered in a blanket of snow. Though the definition of “winter weather” varies by region, everyone agrees it results in colder-than-usual temperatures. In the southern states, they are less likely to get snow, but rain and cold temps can cause their own issues.

No matter where you reside, preparing your pet for winter will make them more comfortable and avoid potentially serious health risks.

Winter Booties or Socks

Just like humans, it is vital that you keep your pet’s paws warm and dry in winter. Cold, wet weather can increase your pet’s risk of frostbite or paw injuries, so protecting their paws with winter boots or socks when they’re outdoors should be your first winter-safety step. Get your boots early so your pet has time to adjust and get used to walking in them before you go on your winter adventures.

Here are some of our favorite pet boots you can buy online:

These breathable boots with rubber soles are great for warmer climates.

Looking for an affordable boot option? Try these colorful pet boots.

Try these boots with the fur that are extra soft and warm.

Get some cute socks to match your furry best friend.

Paw Balm

Your sidewalks are likely coated in rock salt or some other deicing product if you live in a snowy region. If your pet refuses to wear boots, you still need to protect their paws from the cold and the salt-coated sidewalk. Invest in paw balm for the pads of their feet. It’s even a great way to care for your pet’s paws outside of the winter months, so invest in some to pamper your pet year-round.

Try these paw balms to protect your pets:

This cold-climate paw protection was designed with sled dogs in mind.

Stick-style organic paw wax is easy to apply.

Lip-balm-sized tubes of paw balm fit easily in your pocket to reapply as needed.

Winter Coat

Your pet most likely has a fur coat built in, but they may need more protection in extreme weather. Adding a winter coat to their wardrobe will help keep them cozy and warm on cold days. Plus, if your pet is always shivering, it’s a great way to keep them comfortable indoors and out.

Check out these adorable winter pet coats:

Lightweight, rugged, and stylish.

Stylish sherpa coat for a warm and cozy winter.

This coat is fleece lined and includes a built-in harness.


Not all winter weather is snowy. So, if you live in an area where temperatures don’t drop below freezing, you won’t necessarily need a full winter coat for your pet. However, temperatures may still get very cold, and instead of snow, you could end up with very chilly rain. Keep your pets dry and warm with a raincoat during wet weather.

We love these adorable, hooded raincoats for pets:

The classic yellow raincoat that comes in a variety of colors and styles.

This lightweight rain jacket comes in a fun dinosaur print.

A raincoat in neon colors offers more visibility in stormy weather.

Pet Towel or Shammy

Once you’re back home, you’ll want to quickly get your pet as dry as possible, so keep a pet towel or shammy near the door. As soon as you get in, dry their fur and paws to ensure that they stay warm.

These affordable pet towels will keep your pet’s fur dry:

Washable and made of absorbent microfiber, this shammy dog towel is easy to maintain.

This wearable towel is effective and adorable.

Warm Pet Bed and Blanket

Once dry, your pet will want someplace cozy to curl up and get warm, so consider a warming pet bed or a cozy blanket. If you invest in an electric pet bed, be sure to unplug it when not in use and when you’re not home. Keep your pet and home safe!

These beds look extra comfy:

Calming shag blankets are cozy for your pet and stylish for you.

Burrowing beds are the best combo of bed and blanket for your pet.

Add an electric pet bed warmer to your pet’s favorite snuggle spot.

Adjustable electric warming pet beds are the best of both worlds.

Keep your pet safe all winter with some easy precautions, so you can have more play time in the snow. When you’re ready to come back inside, nothing will warm you and your pet faster than a good, old-fashioned cuddle sesh on the couch and a winter movie marathon. Always be sure to make quality time an essential part of your pet’s care this winter!

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