Kidney Restore Bacon Dog Treats 8oz for Canine Kidneys Low Protein Dog Treats for Kidney Support for Dogs. Renal Treats for Any Kidney Dog Diet

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Kidney Restore Bacon Flavored Dog Treats Let You Share Kidney-Friendly Treats With Big Benefits & Bold Bacon Flavor!

They say variety is the spice of life, and who are we to argue with that? Dogs may not have a reputation for being finicky eaters, but many of them ARE…and what’s tasty to one, may not be to another. But, that’s no reason to deprive them of the kidney support our restorative kidney dog treats provide. Instead, why don’t you opt for our bold new bacon flavor!

Just like our regular treats, these tasty morsels are designed with the same nourishing kidney ingredients and with a plant-based bacon flavor, are also low in protein, a distinct difference from typical dog treats which are high-protein and can be harsh and even toxic to kidneys actually making things WORSE!

Here’s Why High-Protein Dog Treats Can Be SO BAD for Your Pet When Their Kidney Health is Already Compromised…

Look around, and you can easily see MOST dog treats are rather high in protein. In fact, SOME brands are actually formulated specifically to get more protein into your dog’s diet!

And what’s wrong with THAT?

Nothing at all. UNLESS your pet is already suffering with any kind of kidney issue.

That’s because most of the foods high in protein are also the main sources of phosphorus. And phosphorous, if left unchecked, can rise quite suddenly and dramatically in kidney-impaired pets. When that happens, it takes their calcium level up with it. And THAT…

…can lead to all sorts of problems with calcification of joints, and calcified deposits in their eyes, heart, blood vessels and kidneys!

That’s why those high-protein “treats” … are really no treat at all for a dog with kidney trouble.

Of course, EVERY dog deserves treats. And giving INTERMITTENT treats (scattered among the hugs and praise and affection) is one of the most effective ways to TRAIN your dog. So…

What can you do when you want to give your kidney-impaired furry pal a treat but you don’t want to risk making his health any worse with those high-protein products? And while you’re at it, couldn’t you give them a snack that actually IMPROVES their kidney health?

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More than just a tasty Kidney treat – it’s SUPER-FOOD for your pet!

Introducing … Healthy Kidney’s Kidney Restore Low Protein Bacon Dog Treats for Supporting Normal Kidney Function & Kidney Health.

Our original low protein dog treat kidney formula is beloved and trusted by so many pet parents worldwide! So, instead of fixing something that isn’t broken, we’ve decided to perfect our formula and make it more widely accessible so that every dog with kidney issues can have a treat that’s not just delicious but healthy and packed full of the ingredients that can help support normal kidney function.

Our original kidney dog treat has beef (our original flavor) may not be your pup’s cup of tea…and that’s ok! Because our new bacon flavor is even more irresistible! Your dog will dream of that smoky, savory, sizzling bacon flavor while also benefitting from something that’s much more than merely a “snack”, THESE tender morsels are actually a “SUPERFOOD” kidney dog treat that helps support kidney health and function with every bite! They can be used along with any renal diet you may be using …

Kidney Restore Bacon Dog Treats can help your pet’s kidneys to resist and support the normal effects of stress, toxins, and inflammation … and they’re perfectly safe to have with any pills the vet gives which they may be taking.

Use these renal dog treats along with a high-quality, scientifically-proven canine kidney diet and YOUR dog can soon be enjoying greater health, and a higher quality of life too.

That’s because they’re chock-full of natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients to support healthy normal toxin elimination and gut health … and they’re low in phosphorus, and low protein, too! Designed with every ingredient beneficial to the kidney. Each bacon flavored bite is also a powerhouse of antioxidants and vitamins and a great source of fiber too! Together with all the other kidney-friendly ingredients contained in each bite, these bacon dog treats are proof that snacking CAN be healthy, too!

In fact, these kidney dog treats are perfect for supporting and maintaining long-term renal health in small, medium, and large size dogs of ANY breed!

Created, crafted, and tested right here in the U.S.A., in a licensed & registered facility, with certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, using only the highest-purity food-grade ingredients … to give you consistent quality and consistent results with every bite.

Carefully crafted with all-natural ingredients that help your best friend live a happier, healthier, longer life! Your pooch gets all this in every bite:

Cordyceps for normal healthy inflammation response, to shield the kidneys against toxins, and balance blood sugar levelsDelicious Bacon Flavor that’s both natural and scrumptious!Acacia fiber for normal toxin eliminationTurmeric to support normal inflammation and joint painRehmannia to rejuvenate the kidneys, and support renal fatigueCranberry to flush away harmful kidney toxins, and bolster urinary healthAstragalus to support circulation and regulate protein levelsVitamins C, E, and B-complex to support immunityPlus added coconut oil, pumpkin … and more!

Here at Healthy Kidney Inc., we’re committed – heart and soul – to using only the purest, premium-grade ingredients to bring you the very best in hypoallergenic, science-based, kidney-boosting dog treats for your dog that deliver predictable, repeatable, DESIRABLE results – EVERY time.

But it’s about more than just using quality ingredients; it’s about the RIGHT ingredients in the RIGHT amounts!

And remember Kidney Restore Bacon Dog Treatsare safe to use with all supplements, pills from vet and any renal diet too.

This dog treat relieves you of the stress of what to feed your dog.

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You Don’t Need To Sacrifice Flavor In Order To Support Kidney Health

Kidney Restore Bacon Dog Treats take all the benefits of our Regular and Petite dog treats and spice them up with a brand-new flavor designed to appeal to the refined palates of our canine connoisseurs, in other words…our treats are bursting with bacon flavor that they are sure to love!

Meaning it’s simpler than ever to make healthy kidney support a fun, easy-to-administer part of their day!

You’ll LOVE Kidney Restore Bacon Dog Treats and all the benefits we’ve discussed above. And what’s even more important: Your DOG will, too!

Hi, I’m Robert Galarowicz – Naturopath, Pet Nutritionist, founder of Healthy Kidney Inc., and the creator of Kidney Restore Bacon Dog Treats.

As both a kidney survivor who has been through all phases of kidney health, AND a dog-lover, myself, I am completely and unconditionally committed to YOUR dog’s health and happiness!

And quite frankly, I am absolutely certain these flavourful kidney treats will help you achieve everything I’ve said, AND help your dog feel better overall.

Look, I’m not promising you miracles. What I AM promising you, as with ALL my nutritional products, is NOTICEABLY better kidney health for your pet after you’ve given Kidney Restore Bacon Dog Treats a try.

Simple, right?

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Now it’s YOUR turn…

I promise you these are the finest all-natural kidney-restorative dog treats available, and now it’s YOUR turn to prove to yourself just how much happier and healthier your pet can be. (And won’t THAT be a treat?)

Don’t wait for your dog’s kidney health to get worse! And don’t stand idly by while their health deteriorates. Instead, be an active part of supporting their well-being, and bringing back their desire to jump, play, eat, and do all the same things you used to enjoy doing together.

Because, with kidney issues … time is not on ANY animal’s side.

Only 24.95 USD per bag for a whole POUND (459 grams) of tasty, kidney-boosting morsels!

Here’s to greater kidney health for YOUR dog, too!

Robert Galarowicz

PS: All our products come with 60 days of email support from a pet nutritionist and pet health coaches. Ask any questions you like from kidney diets to kidney supplements.

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 11.06 x 6.46 x 1.54 inches; 8.47 Ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ KRBACON8oz
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ December 7, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Kidney Restore
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

A superfood dog treat for supporting long-term renal health in your canines. These 8 oz Kidney Canine Renal Treats are the same as our original low protein bacon-flavored dog treats designed to support kidney health in multiple ways from healthy inflammation response to providing the kidney vitamins that can allow your dog to have healthier kidneys and truly thrive again. Perfectly safe to use alongside a specialized dog kidney diet, renal dog foods and any other renal supplements. Delicious treats that feature kidney supporting herbs, vitamins and more. Healthy Kidney Inc. will help your pet’s kidneys with our restorative dog treats and products.
The quintessential kidney treat that dogs love in an on-the-go size that stores easily in your purse, backpack, travel bag and more! Wonderful for on-the-go, active breeds who deserve a feel-good treat that tastes even better! Dogs love it…and if yours doesn’t? 60-day money back guarantee to try it. In the rare case your dog doesn’t like it, just contact us for full satisfaction! Help your furry family member support normal inflammation, eliminate toxins and support overall normal kidney function even while snacking!
Our dog treat provides crucial kidney nutrients to help your dog with low protein ingredients and a natural bacon flavor they love. Included is a free eBook, Get Healthier Kidneys For Your Pet $7.99 value, got questions? Free product support by pet health coaches, money back satisfaction, naturally support their kidneys with no adverse reactions with a restorative dog treat for kidney issues.
Top of the line dog treats for kidney issues. Our treats are more like a kidney supplement for dogs because they support long-term renal health & normal kidney function in petite canines & aging dogs. Support kidneys against stress, toxins & support a healthy inflammatory response. Make a world of difference to your dog’s kidneys. Don’t wait for your dog’s kidney health to get worse. Order today.


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