Easy Breeding & Fast Selling Aquarium Fish for Money



Many fish are easy to keep in
aquariums, & they breed very quickly. These types of fish are usually
beginners friendly & they have very low requirements, & do not need any
special care. They only need a freshwater aquarium with enough swimming area,
& most of the fish prefer live plants. If you want to start your own fish
breeding business then I would recommend you to choose fish that are easy to
breed, produce more babies, & the survival & growth rates of the babies
are high. You can find all of these features in a single family of fish that
are hardy, have very low needs, breeds on their own, & you can raise the
fries without the mother’s care. I am recommending you to keep livebearers because
you will find all of the above features in this fish, & they have demand
which means they will sell very quickly.


Easiest & Fastest Breeding
Freshwater Fish:

Guppies, platies, mollies etc.
are called Livebearers which means that female fish do not lay eggs but
directly give birth to babies. Eggs are developed inside the belly of the
female, & they are hatched inside, & fries are released from the female
fish belly. Fries of livebearers are free swimming, & they are nurtured by
mother inside their belly, & when they are able to find food on their own
& swim freely, they escape the mother fish belly. It is very easy to breed
livebearers because female fish save their eggs inside their belly so there is
no need to store eggs in a safe place.

Fastest Breeding & Easiest Selling Aquarium Fish

Fastest Breeding & Easiest Selling Aquarium Fish

Livebearers breed fast, &
among all kinds of livebearers, guppies breed the fastest. A female guppy fish
in ideal water conditions can reproduce every month, & every batch contains
20 to 50 babies. Guppies reach adulthood quickly, give birth to free swimming
fish, & reproduce throughout the year which means they are the fastest
breeding fish.


Simple Care, Low Requirements,
& Fast Selling Freshwater Fish:

Livebearers are also one of the
fastest selling fish because they are small in size, & aquarists can keep
them in small aquariums. Also, they are a very hardy & perfect choice for
beginners. Most of the aquarists are beginners & they like fish that have
low requirements & can look after themselves. Livebearers do not need any
special arrangement & they can live peacefully in community aquariums so
many fish keepers prefer them because of their peaceful nature & keep them
together with other peaceful fish in the same aquarium. Livebearers do not
destroy plants or dig substrate which makes them a perfect choice for planted
aquariums. Fish keepers only keep a heater, filter & aquarium lights in
livebearers aquariums & they don’t need any special breeding arrangement
because they can breed on their own if you have both male & female species
in the same aquarium.


How to Quickly Sell your
Aquarium Fish:

If you want to sell livebearers,
then I am advising you to consult your local fish owner & ask them to buy
fish from you. Also, you can sell them to local aquarists by posting
advertisements in your local region, & if someone is interested in your
fish, then they will contact you. Make sure you add your contact number, blog
address, & description of what you offer on the advertisement. But if you
think that advertisements are time consuming & they need money, then visit
a pet selling website, where you can mention your location, photo of your fish,
contact number, blog address, & description of your business. If you find a
local guy who wants to buy livebearers from you then handover your fish to them
in a bag. Fill one third of a large bag with aquarium water, add fish to it,
& handover it to the buyer. If the buyer is interested in purchasing many
fish, then offer a discount so they return to buy more fish from you in the

It is very important to set up a
blog, add photos & videos of your fish. Keep your tank clean & take
nice pictures & record HD videos of your fish. Instruct buyers by providing
information about your fish such as age, color, gender, & other relevant
information that might be useful for them because it will help them get the
fish that they are looking for.


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