6 Egg-celent And Safe Easter Dog Treats For Your Pet



Easter is just around the corner. And if you celebrate the holiday with a furry friend, then they must be hopping with excitement to take part in your Easter festivities! And what better way to get your pooch excited than by surprising them with tasty Easter dog treats?

Below, we have rounded up some egg-celent, tasty and safe Easter dog treats for your furry friend to enjoy. Continue reading to find out!

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Choosing The Right Easter Dog Treats

Every-bunny, including your dog, loves and deserves a tasty Easter treat. But remember that there are Easter do’s and dont’s for your furry friends. And they cannot have nor enjoy the same Easter treats their hoomans have.

We all know that chocolates are a no-no for our four-legged friends because they are toxic for them. So, when choosing Easter dog treats, make sure they do not have the following ingredients:

  • Chocolate, especially dark chocolate
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Xylitol

Furthermore, chocolates are not the only tasty treats your dog can enjoy on this holiday. There are other delicious treats that your pooch can have during your Easter fesitivities.

Top 6 Egg-celent And Safe Easter Dog Treats

As alternatives to chocolates, we have listed six tasty and safe Easter dog treats that you can fill your dog’s Easter eggs with.

1. Exclusively Dog Pet Sandwich Cremes (Carob Flavor)

You can now let your dog safely enjoy “chocolate-y” treats on Easter with these dog sandwiches from Exclusively Dog.

These sandwiches are the perfect alternative to chocolate cookies. That’s because instead of chocolate, these treats are made from carob, which is a sweet yet healthy and safe substitute to chocolate.

Furthermore, these treats include a creme filling inside, look like Oreos and smell like real cookies, but for dogs! They are also made from natural ingredients and come in other flavors such as peanut butter and vanilla. And you can easily purchase these safe and egg-celent treats on Amazon:

2. Thoughtfully Pets’ Bone-Shaped Cookie Gift Set

Make your pooch’s Easter egg-stra special with these bone-shaped cookies from Thoughtfully Pets. These cookies are the perfect Easter dog treats – specially made for dogs AND are Spring-themed!

This dog cookie gift set includes 8 peanut butter-flavored, crunchy treats that come in 3 different designs. Furthermore, these treats are non-GMO, dairy free, soy free and can be purchased on Amazon:

3. Stewart Freeze Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats

If you’re looking for savory Easter dog treats to put in your pooch’s Easter egg, then Stewart’s freeze dried beef liver dog treats surely fit the bill!

These treats are made with one, simple ingredient – beef liver. And they are healthy treats made for dogs of all shapes and sizes. They are also packed with nutrients and protein that supports strong muscles.

Aside from beef liver, Stewart’s freeze dried treats also comes in other flavors such as chicken breast and salmon. And you can buy them off of Amazon:

4. Bonne et Filou Easter Dog Treats Box

If you’re feeling a bit fancy for Easter and want to give your dog the best possible Easter gift, then Bonne et Filou’s Easter Dog Treats Box is what you’re looking for.

This box of dog treats includes macarons and different Spring-themed cookies that your little pooch will surely indulge in. Furthermore, they are handmade, made from human grade ingredients and are available on Amazon:

5. Chewsday Knotted Bacon

Chewsday Knotted Bacon Dog Treat

Another savory Easter dog treat that your furry friend can enjoy is Chewsday’s Knotted Bacon dog chews. These dog chews are rawhide-free and are only made with natural and safe ingredients. However, they are only made for adult dogs and are not suitable for dogs under one year of age.

But if your adult dog is a heavy chewer, then these dog chews are perfect! They also come in three different flavors: Bacony Sizzle, Chicken Delight and Peanutty Bliss.

You can easily purchase these savory and rawhide-free treats here:

6. Lazy Dog Cookie Mutt Mallows

Viciously delicious and naturally nutritious – this is how Lazy Dog Cookies describe these delightful dog treats. These Mutt Mallows are made from safe ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about giving them as Easter dog treats to your furry friend.

These soft-baked treats are free from ingredients such as corn, soy, wheat, refined sugar and other preservatives. And they also come in a variety of flavors such as Maple Bacon, Banana, Roasted Vanilla and Strawberry.

And if your pooch is having his/her own Easter egg hunt and will surely rely on their nose to find treats, then these are perfect because they smell flavorsome and fresh. Furthermore, you can also easily purchase them off of Amazon:

Make Easter Fun AND Safe For Your Pooch

Mother And Child Color Easter Eggs With Their Dog With Bunny Ears
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Easter should not only fun for the hoomans, but also for the little furry friends we have at home.

Keeping your dog away from anything that can harm them and including them in your Easter festivities makes the celebration more fun and memorable.

And we hope that the Easter dog treats we listed above can help you make Easter fun, safe and egg-celent for your little pooch!


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