20 Best Puppy Toys for Cocker Spaniels


Cute and cuddly aren’t the only things that matter when buying puppy toys for Cocker Spaniels. Smart marketers know that adorable puppy toys sell, but safe, durable, and age-appropriate puppy toys matter most. 

Cocker Spaniel puppies are fun, affectionate, and have a sweet temperament when properly bred and raised in the right household. I’ve just completed year one of raising a spunky, curious, and lovable Cocker Spaniel puppy. I know all about selecting the right puppy toys. 

The puppy toy you’d give a 9-week-old Cocker is probably not the same toy you’d give a six-month-old pup. Like people, puppy tastes change with time, age, development, and personality.

How We Selected Our Best Puppy Toys For Cocker Spaniels

The Cocker Spaniel puppy toys on this list are durable, age-appropriate, the right size, and the proper material. 

I run one of the most popular Cocker groups on Facebook, Club Cocker Wigglebutts Worldwide for the past six years. I get feedback from members, travel to pet industry trade shows, talk to experts, and I’ve put the toys to the test with my three Cocker Spaniel puppies.

Here’s why we selected the puppy toys for Cockers on this list:


Make sure the material can hold up to sharp puppy teeth. You don’t want an emergency room vet visit because your puppy ingested plastic or other ingredients.

The toys on our list are durable with supervision or as noted.


Balls may be too small for a little Cocker puppy mouth. They can become easily lodged in their throat or mouth. Always supervise your puppy when he’s playing with anything.

Age of Puppy 

All toys should be functional and appropriate to your puppy’s age. When I brought my Cocker Spaniel pup, Alvin, home, we engaged him with toys appropriate to a 9-week-old.

As he got older, he either got bored of those toys, we graduated to more age-appropriate ones, or we made sure the puppy toy was safe and intact (after all, puppies have shark-like teeth that shred and tear.)


Like babies, puppies tend to put everything in their mouths. Cocker pups vigorously explore their world with their mouths. Be careful about the toy’s material you allow them to chew on. We reveal the material in each toy and any warnings.

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Our Selections For Puppy Toys for Cocker Spaniels

Here’s our list of toys, followed by a deeper dive into each toy and its function.

How to Keep a Cocker Spaniel Puppy Entertained

When it comes to toys, there are a number of ways to keep your Cocker pup entertained: 

  • Give your pup age-appropriate toys (you’d be surprised how a 10-week-old pup differs from an 8-month-old pup thought process-wise)
  • Rotate and use a variety of puppy toys from the categories outlined below.
  • Set time aside to play with your puppy each day. 
  • Don’t get frustrated. According to many dog trainers, new toy joy lasts between two and five minutes. Cocker puppies have short attention spans, especially in the first few months.
  • Praise and reward with puppy play instead of always treats that can add extra calories.
  • Understand that a puppy’s tastes change. Like children, what one puppy likes another may not. 
  • Puppies get bored. Include different textures, shapes, sounds, and functions in your Cocker puppy’s toys. 

Cocker spaniel puppies change rapidly in the first year. You blink and you go from potty training to leash walks and veterinary visits. 

Talk to a reputable caring Cocker Spaniel breeder about the temperaments of their litters. They’ll tell you how each puppy has a personality forming from the time they are born. 

Cocker puppies each have unique personalities and you’ll often hear them being called things like “the curious one,” “the brave one,” or “the bossy puppy.” You can tell a lot about a Cocker puppy by watching him play and interact with his littermates. 

When you bring a Cocker Spaniel home from a reputable breeder, the pup is usually around 9 to 12 weeks old. If you rescue a Cocker pup, try to find out how old the rescue or your veterinarian thinks the pup is. 

Keeping a puppy entertained requires dedication, time, and thinking like a puppy.

P.S. Here’s why I don’t recommend NylaBones. Bottom line: Danger!

Our 20 Favorite Cocker Spaniel Puppy Toys

There are several categories of puppy toys for your Cocker Spaniel. Here are our 20 favorites we’ve used, had success with, and have gifted to new puppy parents.

Each toy belongs to a different category to meet your puppy’s mental and physical needs including:

  • Chewing and Teething Toys: You’ll need them as puppies chew and teeth emerge.
  • Comfort Toys: For puppies to cuddle and sleep with
  • Self-Amusement Toys: Something that doesn’t require a lot of movement and can be used in your absence.
  • Balls: A staple in the Cocker life. Different textures and sounds, be sure the size is appropriate for your growing puppy’s mouth.
  • Enrichment Toys: Toys to fight boredom, stimulate the mind, and give immediate gratification, as puppies have a short attention span and may become frustrated easily.
  • Interactive Toys with Sound: Teaches them to be aware of different noises and sounds
  • Indoor Exercise Toys: Such as tunnels, training stands, etc.

Best Tug of War and Fetch Toy

Kong Wubba for tug of war

Available in three colors

Perfect for interactive play between you and your Cocker puppy. Built to last and covered in durable ballistic nylon for added toughness. Bonus squeaker for extra fun. Long floppy tails encourage play.

Best Rope Toy For Cocker Pups

Kong Wubba for tug of war

With bonus soft rubber teething bone

The all-cotton rope cleans teeth and satisfies your pup’s urge to chew. Multiple chewing textures keep puppies engaged. Good for up to 9 months of age.

Best Musical Toy for Puppies

Soccer ball that sings for puppies

A children’s toy that doubles as a puppy toy

My Cocker puppy is now one year old and he still plays with this soft musical ball. Press, roll, or shake the ball to hear music, phrases, and sounds.

Best Interactive Ball

Babble ball for dogs

Available in several different sounds

My Cocker pup’s sister sent him one of these, and he was hooked. It is motion-activated, flashes, and makes sounds. Not designed to be tossed around.

Best New Puppy Calming Toy

Heartbeat toy for puppies to feel good

With Real-Feel pulsing heartbeat

When your new Cocker pup comes home, give him a sense of comfort with a stuffed pup that features a real-feel heartbeat sound and sensation. Comes with a heat pack.

Best Non-Latex Teething Toy

Non Latex spider toy for Cocker Spaniels

Non-toxic and chemical free

This soft, textured squeaky was my Cocker pup’s second favorite toy. He carried it everywhere. BPA and phthalate-free, it isn’t as loud as other squeak toys on purpose. A must-have.

Best Cocker Puppy Play Tunnel

tunnel for puppies to play in

Encourages play and instills confidence

Every Cocker pup I’ve owned has trained with this tunnel. It builds confidence and is ideal for indoor play. Toss toys or treats into it and watch your puppy have a blast!

Best Hide and Seek Toy

Squirrel plush toy for Cocker Spaniels

Fun and educational for puppy play

Fill the tree trunk with the three stuffed squirrels and watch your Cocker pup’s natural hunting instincts kick in. Gentle on teeth and gums. 2-in-1 fun!

Best Squeaky Balls

four round balls for Cockers

Made with non-toxic latex rubber

Squeaky balls are a must-have in the Cocker puppy toy box. Featuring four balls of different themes and no stuffing. Graduate to larger sizes as your pup grows.

Best Egg-Shaped Squeaky Balls

four egg shaped balls for puppies

Different shape to stimulate puppies

Natural rubber is easy on your puppy’s teeth and gums. Shaped like an egg, these soft toys are made with the same safety standards as children’s toys.

Alvin’s Favorite Puppy Toy

Flat hedgehog toy to play with for puppies

Stuffing free with multiple squeakers

This is my Cocker pup, Alvin’s, favorite toy. Use it as an indoor frisbee, to play tug of war, fetch, and for cuddling. The fun-filled flat plush toy is ideal for puppies.

Best Small Stuffed Plush Squeak Toys

Six pack of Cocker puppy toys

Six little critters to make puppies happy

Play with this 6-pack solo or with the Hide-A-Squirrel plush toy. You’ll receive a mini chipmunk, hedgehog, polar bear, giraffe, pig, and bunny. Keep those Cocker nubbies wagging with these squeaky toys.

Best Animal-Themed Toy with Sound

Hedgehog toy for little pups

Start with the smaller size (4.5 inches)

Let your Cocker puppy play with different sounds and textures. Squeeze the hedgehog’s tummy and listen to its adorable chatter. Soft and cuddly.

Best Musical Animal Toy

Monkey toy for puppies to play with

Sings a happy song to your puppy

These are called Deedle pets because the sound goes something like ‘Deedle deedle doo.’ This 8-inch plush monkey is for fetch, play, and to keep puppy curious and guessing.

Best Ring Tug Toy

Ring toy for Cocker Spaniels to play

Grows with your Cocker pup

These three interlocking rings are brightly colored and perfect for tug of war and teething pups. I love these rings over any other because they are durable and have a bit of weight to them for longevity.

Best Early Weeks Toy

Brightly colored toy for Cocker Spaniels

The puppy toy every Cocker must have

I’ve gifted this dozens of times because puppies love the Loofa mini toy. The 6-inch size is perfect for Cocker puppy mouths and the squeaker inside is an added bonus. Several color choices.

Best Treat Game Toy for Puppies

toys for Cocker Spaniels teething

Great for teething, chewing, and stuffing

This is several toys in one, but it is the perfect fetch toy with a funky bounce and is totally fillable with your puppy’s favorite treats. Provides mental stimulation and is made in the USA

Best Must Have Toy for All Puppies

Lambchop toy for Cocker Spaniel puppy

Because everyone loves Lambchop!

Cocker Puppies look so adorable with Lambchop next to them. Photo ops, cuddly cuteness, a variety of sizes, and a squeaker inside. What’s not to love?

Best Binkie Toy for Teething

Kong teething toy for Cocker Spaniel puppy

A 2-in-1 toy that delivers

Satisfy your pup’s natural instinct to chew with Kong’s natural rubber binkie toy. You can also stuff it with puppy snacks and play fetch indoors. Intended for use up to nine months of age.

Best Dental Chew Starter Pack

Cocker Spaniel toys for puppy

Three toys with different chewing textures

Each toy is made of Orka material to withstand tough chewers and teething Cocker pups. Each toy can be frozen to soothe tender gums. Play fetch and have a blast with this three pack.

Keep Track Of Your Cocker Spaniel Puppy’s Health

Keep track of your dog’s meals, weight, vet visits. plus much more with our handy DogMinder Canine Health and Wellness Journal available for under $10 on Amazon.

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