Heartbeat Toy For Dog Anxiety Relief NEW

  • [It is puppy essentials:] Suitable for the following multiple scenarios: Separation anxiety, sleep aid, crate training, ease loneliness, nagetive behaviors, thunderstoms, travel, barking, chewing
  • [It’s a Behavioral Aid Toy:]The puppy cuddle toy has 2 Beating Modes.Mode 1, Hold the button for 1 seconds to put the heartbeat simulator into the continuous operation mode until there is no power. 
  • [It’s a heartbeat puppy toy:] It’s not just a dog plush toy, it’s a dog heartbeat toy. According to experiments, melody sounds can relieve the dog’s anxiety and stress behavior. 
  • [It’s a Comfort Toy for Puppy:] This Heartbeat Stuffed Toy can reduce the anxiety of dogs,.


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