Extendable Pet Anti Flea Collar

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  • Safe and natural treatment collar. Our collars use advanced technology to refine essential plant oils into a PVC carrier to reduce chemical irritation. Still, they are not suitable for pets that are sick or have skin allergies.
  • Nice scent. Our collars have a citronella scent that usually lasts two to three weeks. If your pet doesn’t like the smell, you can open the sealed bag and use it two to three weeks later.
  • Protection time. Each collar has a protection time of about six months. Although the collar is waterproof, if often played in the rain may shorten the protection time.
  • Waterproof collar. Product active ingredients have been integrated into the PVC carrier, will be slowly released, and distributed in the pet skin oil layer to achieve the purpose of pest repellent; note: the weakening of the smell does not mean that it does not work.
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SAFE COLLAR: The collar is made of pure natural plant essential oils that repel pests in a safe and natural way.
ALL-DAY PROTECTION: Collar continuously emits trace amounts of essential plant oils to repel fleas and ticks from your pet’s body.
UPGRADE DESIGN – The flea and tick collar adds an emergency breaking point design that allows your dog and cat to walk and play in the rain or wet snow without worrying about their Safety and the effectiveness of the collar.
PERFECT SIZE: This collar is suitable for dogs and cats older than 3 months. Simply adjust the collar to fit the length you need.






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