Dog Water Bottle With Snack Box & Poop Shovel-Portable

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Dog water bottle with snack box and poop shovel: Features:

  • Prevent water leakage Multi-function-integrated detachable water bottle. Also, four portable leak-proof pet drinking water cup upgrade. Moreover, a five-in-one water bottle with a drinking water bowl, water storage cup, snack tank, garbage bag and stool shovel. Also, with fish-shaped Slow food mats can solve the problem of pets outdoors, in travel, and camping.
  • Harmlessly durable materials: Dog water bottle material is healthy and environmentally friendly food grade ABS + PC materials. So, it is safe and durable. Also, it can provide healthy and clean drinking water for dogs, travel, and outdoor activities. Moreover, you never have to worry about drinking dirty water Or eating unhealthy food.
  • Set combination: dog water bottle + portable slow food tray, bring you a new experience. The water storage bottle is convenient to drink water and food storage. Also, The top lanyard is convenient to go out. Moreover, The water bottle is convenient to carry or put the backpack. Also, It is easy to clean the dog in time to clean the dog. The children can easily operate.
  • Possible to split and use components separately: You can use each component alone or just separate dog food in a single, with a large capacity of 300ml. Also, The design of the O-type drinking water is more conforming to the dog’s oral structure. Moreover, Its food storage capacity is 100ml, which makes the dog like snacks and food. Also, the water bottle has a double anti-leak-proof switch. So, This can be hydrated and excessive Water flows in the cup.
  • The slow bowl has an Adsorption capacity. So, it will not move easily. Also, the fish-shaped slow food mat can help dogs slowly eat, avoiding digestion due to tasting. Moreover, When the ground is smooth, the Fish shaped slow food mat will adsorb it to the ground don’t get spilled by dogs.

Surprise your pet this season with this amazing portable water bottle.


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