Disposable Pet Pads Leak Proof And Super Absorbent 100 PCS Gray

$45.00 $30.00
  • 【Strong Absorption】: The water-absorbent layer in bunny cage liner can accelerate the liquid to pass through the surface, and the liquid will be in contact with it to form a gel, which instantly locks moisture and keeps the surface dry and comfortable. Let pets develop a habit of loving cleanliness.
  • 【Anti-Leakage】: The PE film layer at the bottom of the training pads is widened around to prevent the pet’s urine from leaking out, prevent soiling the floor and your furniture. It can be used not only indoors but also outdoors (used when traveling or playing leisurely on the lawn).
  • High-Quality Material】: Rabbit pee pads have 4 layers of protection. The top layer of soft non-woven fabric protects the underlying tissue; activated bamboo charcoal layer, strong absorption of odor; the polymer absorbent layer quickly turns the liquid into a gel; the last one layers lock the liquid and protect your floor.
  • 【Remove Odor】: Guinea pig disposable cage liner contains activated carbon, which can effectively remove and neutralize the smell of urine. When the pet during toilet training, say goodbye to the unpleasant odor! Keep your home clean air.


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