Catnip Cats Snack Ball Rotatable Toy

  • The three cat’s favorite ball is placed on the notch plate, each of which can be removed but used alone. So you can give him everything and let him choose his favorite flavor, or the flavor you want him to taste. With extra strong double-sided tape, it is easy to stick firmly to walls or other smooth surfaces. The kitten will not fall when playing, chewing, or licking
  • Products with 100% natural materials are safe and non-toxic to cats. Catnip balls keep your cat on her paws all day.
  • Catnip cat is the most favorite snack, you can own a cat to play with and chew without your intervention. In addition, when the kitten bites or licks the catnip ball, it will effectively clean the cat’s teeth without harming their teeth
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Cat is a clean animal, like licking its paws and other body parts, it is easy to eat into the body of the hair, but the hair will not be absorbed and has been left in the body, causing discomfort or other problems in cats.

Catnip Extract

Our catnip balls are made from natural extracts of catnip leaves and many other plant materials, safe and reliable.


Our cat ball is made of natural plant extracts, can greatly improve the cat’s stomach, and promote the excretion of the body of cat hair from the body, to ensure health.

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